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  1.  Great value


    14 months for 35pounds really decent. Only took 2 days to arrive. Best deal i have seen anywhere.

  2.  Great Game


    Graphics are the best i have seen from a racing game. Sometimes from other racing games the graphics for the tracks/cars etc are not as good online but on this they are fantastic.

    The game is realistic as driving a real car and the speed of the cars are realistic as well.

    If you are thinking about what racing game you should get choose this. Ive also played need for speed shift and it is no where near as good as this game

  3.  Great graphics, Great campaign, Horde Mode is cool


    Other than these features the game would be pretty basic. It is a good game but theres quite a few glitches like not having a gun, not being able to move, not being able to jump down anywhere is very annoying.

    I gave it 5 star for the graphics but its a pretty easy game u can get 500 gamescore for it after only playing it for a few days most other games take me longer to do this.

    Halo 3 is better......mostly because u can jump and move alot more freely this game makes u feel pretty restricted at the best of times

  4.  Great


    Demo is really good worth downloading. I like how they have made it more realistic in terms of adding refs and linesmen. And how a player can get booked after advantage has been played.

    The only thing i dont like is how the ball sometimes hits the ref. In a fast flowing game like this it can get annoying and considering that the demo goes on for about 2mins its likely to happen during a 10min game for example.

    Really good game though

  5.  Fantastic product


    This is a great device the only problem is i dont know how to update it to OS 2008. Does any one know how to?

  6.  Fantastic


    Buy this game if you own a 360. Graphics are emmence i was not disappointed when i got this game it had much more in it than i expected. There are more maps and far more game modes than in the previous halos. Im sure if ure considering buying this game you know the rest im saying its definately worth buying this next generation game and its a game that people will still be playing years from now

  7.  Great Game!!!!!!


    Buy this game. When i first saw the game play for this game i thought that i would never get used to the controls as it seemed that it would be to complicated. Turns out they couldnt have designed it more simply. Its so easy to get used to the controls and you can assassinate people with ease. The cut scenes work well with the game and you always feel your controling the assassin all the time even in get scenes. 5 star!! You must buy this game!!

  8.  Best Game


    This game is by far one of the best games i own at the moment and i never get tired of it. Its relistic fast gameplay is fun and playing with up to 16 players on xbox live with various different maps and game modes using many different weapons is brilliant. For £18 you have to buy this game its a bargain.

  9.  Great


    Great game ignore bad comments this game is amazing. To get the most out of it u need to be an experienced racer but u can always change the difficulty or improve ure skills on this game. Cars are relistic to control and if u control them well they will drive well and if u drive badley they will drive badley so turn ABS on. Buy this game.

  10.  Better than an Ipod


    I bought the creative zen vision M about 5 months ago and it has not let me down once. The battery life for it is amazing its about 4 hours for video and 14 hours for audio playback. The quality of music is high and the resolution for the video is also amazing. Watching a video of it is amazing and the screen size of 2.5 inch is perfect.

    As for the size of it although its not as thin as the Ipod video it isnt exactly huge infact it fits nicely into the palm of my hand and doesnt weigh much either.

    30gb is enough even if u have a vast collection of music, videos and pictures you want on it. I would advise people to get a charger for it so you can charge into the mains socket and an AV cable so u can watch videos and listen to music from ure TV. You can buy these together of Play.com for about £30 i think. But its not a neccasity to have them

    Would extremely recomend to any one who preffers quality and style over just the style of the Ipod