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  1.  Great anime, but nothing new.


    This is a great little set, for anyone who hasnt got the Afro Samurai movies, which are both pretty sweet, and look great on blu-ray.

    The only dissapointment is that there is nothing new in this box-set. Its essentialy just a box with the original blu-ray cases in, with nothing even done to make the covers blend with the outer box.
    You'd probably be better off buying the individual movies, which you can most likely get for a cheaper price.

  2.  Decent, but not as good as the original.


    As a fan of the first series of stand alone complex and the first movie, I was quick to pick this up, but found it a little dissapointing.

    Innocence follows Batou, who takes the lead role as Motoko has dissapeared, as he investigates a cyborg company after many of the 'sex-dolls' they created started killing people.

    The animation is better then the original and the art is far better, but the story felt rather dull at times and had a section in the film that seems to do nothing but try and confuse you.

    Definately not one for everyone, more for the fan of mystery then anything else

  3.  Another Studio Ghibli Treat


    I saw Ponyo at the movies and thought it was a great film, and another shining example of the work Studio Ghibli does.

    Ponyo is a very accessible, very family friendly movie. There are few, if any, moments that are dark and/or scary, so this is a great movie for the kids too.

    Just dont expect any serious action in this title, as it is basically just a fan, magical adventure.

  4.  Collectors edition review - Fairly standard


    This is just a review of the special edition contents, will review the game seperately in its own section.

    The collectors edition of FFXIII consists of what now seems to be the standard selection of extras, giving you an art book a music cd with a selection of tracks from the game.

    The cd has some nice tracks, but only holds a few pieces of a huge selection of tracks, so its a shame they could not add a few more to the selection.

    The artbook is fairly standard. Its mostly comprised of stills taken directly from the game itself, there are only a few, if any pieces of actual artwork.

    The other items that come with it are ok. A trio of art card, each one is double-sided, giving you a seperate image of the main cast and their summons. A nice touch, though I was surprised that we didnt get these in the art-book itself.

    Along with these, you get a 'decal', basically a sticker. Its based on the mark that the main cast have on their body.

    Overall, the items if the collectors edition a fairly standard. They are good, but not great. If you like some extras, im sure this will be for you.

  5.  Guns, Girls, Blood and more Guns... Fantastic!


    For those who watched the original series of Black Lagoon, the Second Barrage series picks up pretty much right after the original series ended.

    Volume 1 of Second Barrage focuses on the twin assassins, named Hansel and Gretel, who have been sent out to wipe out the Hotel Moscow gang.
    The series heroine, Revy, pairs up with Eda of the rip-off church in order to get the bounty on the heads of the kid twins.

    Black laggon is heavy on the action, with plenty of gun-fights and more then a little blood. It also has a fair bit of fan-service, with ample lead-females in small outfits, though not done to the point where its a requirement to make the series interesting, but to give a better idea of the hell-hole of an island where pretty much everything takes place.

    Despite all this, volume 1 of second barrage definately hits some deep ground, children forced into a world where they had to kill others to please their keepers, and there is always the sense of what some people have to do just to keep on living their lives.

    If your looking for an anime aimed at an older audience, or just something with plenty of action, I would gladly reccomend Black Lagoon to you.

  6.  An amazing game, even with how long you spend not playing.


    A little forewarning first of all. If you buy this game, you need to be prepared for short bursts of game play between many long cut scenes.

    The graphics are pretty top notch in most places. There are a few textures that may be a little dull or bland. But in general, you'll find it hard to find any real flaw in the visuals. The game has been polished to a tee and looks phenomenal, and has plenty of little touches that help immerse you into this world.

    The game play is mostly well done. The controls have been re-worked from the last games, mainly in order to improve the aiming and shooting system, as well as improving the camera control.
    There are a few slight issues though. As much as the aiming system has improved, there are quite a few times when you can shoot, when you think you would be able to, such as when your hidden behind cover, and are hugging against the wall, as it will likely force you to move away from the wall before your free to aim and shoot.

    As for the story itself, if you've played the previous Metal Gear Solid games, this will pretty much tie up all the loose ends, answer all the questions and bring pretty much everyone's story to an end.
    This may be a little much for newcomers to the series, so they decided to allow you to press the X button at certain points during cut scenes which are meant to play as flashbacks to remind you of a character when they show up, but they can actually be quite obstructive as it briefly drowns out the dialogue and is nothing more then a few stills of a character, rather then something that really helps explain anything.
    Pretty much every living character is brought back for this game, while a lot of them serve a large part of the story, a few of them feel like they were only really added in for the sake of fan service.

    For all it has, and as good as it is. One odd point is that fact that so much focus seems to have been put into the shooting system, in a game that was primarily built around stealth.
    The game seems to reward you more for killing enemies and helping certain troops, rather then sneaking around and remaining hidden. As you earn points for taking guns from enemies which can be used to buy new weapons and upgrade your existing ones.

    The only real problem I had was that it wasn't played out over one single location, but was instead split into various acts taking place in different locations over the world.
    While this itself isn't a big issue, the point that bothered me is the fact that between each act, your forced to do an install that can take 2-3 minutes each and really interrupts the game. Its made more troublesome that you have to go through it every time you start a new game, as it does an install for each chapter separately removing the old data to save space.

    Still, this is probably the biggest exclusive for the PS3 at the moment, and it's definitely worth a look at. Though if it's a must have title is a little uncertain, it may be best to rent it first if your not a fan of the series.

  7.  A good fighting game, but one for the fans


    After the Budokai games (Which are currently my favourite of the DBZ games) were turned into Budokai Tenkachi in an attampt to make it more like the show by allowing you fly around, Burst Limit goes back to basics in a way, although if your new to the series, you may want to avoid this.

    The fighting system is simple and efficiant. Almost working in a Dynasty Warriors style, the Square Button allows you to unleash quick combos against your opponent, while Triangle unleashes a stronger attack that can break through the enemies defence and/or send them flying back.
    Circle is reserved for pretty much all your special attacks. A quick tap of the button will let out a small energy blast, but by hitting left, right or up at the same time will allow you to to use one of 3 special attacks for that character.

    The fighting system is easy enough to pick up and learn how to attack you opponenet, but there are plenty of other commands to remember, such as; transformation, dodging, teleporting perfect defence and quite a bit more.

    The graphics are top notch for its style, using a mix of 3D graphics and cel-shading, the characters have never looked better, and have never looked this close to their cartoon selves.

    That said, the story is very lacking. Bandai seem to think everyone knows the story by now, and so they have left out huge chunks. If your new to the series, you will just be dragged from one battle to another with little indication of whats really going on.
    This is a little dissapointing, considering that at the end of the second and third saga, your given a little movie that actually shows some in-game cutscenes that would have told you the story if they had been properly used.

    Another down-point, is how much the cut-scenes that are in the game are re-used. While there are a few unique scenes before and after a battle, the common scenes, are just the exact same motions used over and over again, just with the character models changed to represent who your playing as and fighing against.

    The menu for the story mode itself is very confusing and poorly thought out. While the story is unlocked in a specific order, for some reason, the 'mission select' as it is, is just randomly laid out, the missions will flow in one direction on the screen for a moment, before suddenly going another direction, just leaving you with a mess of icons to look through in order to find the right battle.
    Its surprising, considering that the rest of the menus are well done and easy to navigate.

    Characters in this game are limited to just over 21, and along with the alot of the story being left out, there are a selection of characters missing, and in one case, a character model is seen, but the character himself in not available.
    The characters have a lack of costumes too, while you will see quite a few costumes or variations of a costume in the story mode, everyone seems limited to a single costume, with some pallet swaps.

    In all, Burst Limit is a bare-essentials game, while the graphics and the fighting system really work, the game does little to help introduce people to the series, and doesnt have much incentive to keep playing it once you complete what there is of the story mode.
    This is definately a fan-only game, and you may have to wait till the sequel for Bandai to add more depth to this, as well and doing the whole series, rather then cutting off at the end of the Cell Saga.

  8.  Continuing the AC series at an outrageous price


    (At the time of this review, this figure was listed at £69.99)
    Why this figure is being listed for so much is beyond me, you can get this in most places for around £20. This (And Reno) should be around the same price as the other figures in the series.

    Considering the popularity of the Advent Children figures, a second series was unsurprising, and it was good to choose the main protagonist of the film.

    Like the other figures in the series, the figure is very pose able, with many points of articulation, and does a very good job of recreating how the character looks.

    Unfortunately, this figure looses a few points with me, as the upper-legs are actually a little limited in how much you can move them. Due to the way the torso has been built, it actually stops the legs moving too much, meaning he's quite limited.

    Still, he's a good enough figure, and good if your looking to complete the set.
    (Once the price goes down that is)

  9.  A solid mouse mat, great for fans of warcraft or fantasy.


    For those, looking for a smooth, sturdy mousemat. This is along the lines of what your looking for, though is is specifically made for fan of 'World of Warcraft', though it will easily appeal for fans of fantasy-type art.

    The mat quite smooth on the surface, allowing your mouse to easily glide along it, and the texture of the underside means its very hard for the mat to slip or move as you move the mouse out on it.

    The artwork is covered by a clear laminate, so you dont have to worry about ruining the image as you work away, plus the mat itself is quite large, giving you plenty of space to move your mouse around.

  10.  Another great figure, and easily the most posable.


    Whether its due to a lack of clothes compared to other characters, or less things to block the articulation points of the figure, I think Tifa has the most freedom in allowing you to pose her.

    Like the Aerith figure, this is a very faithful recreation of Tifa in her original Final Fantasy VII outfit, with detail put in where it can be.

    This figure stands just as tall as the Advent Children figure, so this mainly comes down to a preferance of whether you prefere this costume or her Advent Children costume.