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  1.  For the Fallen


    John Williams has excelled himself once again with this terrific tribute to all the brave souls who faught and died on the beaches at Normandy.

    I'd have been satisfied with the main theme: Hymn to the Fallen which is simply beautiful. But the rest of this amazing album is great too with a personal favourite being High School Teacher which is so emotional showing how ordinary everyday people were thrown into the horrors and became heroes, no matter what side they faught on.

    A tribute, a memorial and an amazing soundtrack.

  2.  Amazing book, shame about the film!


    I love this book. It's funny, heartwarming, heart rending and extremely sad. You'll laugh (sometimes with tears rolling!) and you'll shed many a tear through the sadness of the heart wrenching innevitable ending.
    The tag line "a dog like no other" is not completely true as many dog owners will testify, I've had dogs equally as manic as Marley and yes mine too have been kicked out of training classes!
    What this book brings home is the unconditional love a dog brings, they are trusting and extremely loyal; yes they may get in the way, and yes there are times you wish the dog wasn't there, holidays are difficult etc. but what would life be like without them? Thatrs the true message of this delightful book.
    With the film version now out I can truly say it was OK but lacked alot of the spirit of this book. Get the book, see the film by all means but get this book, you won't regret it.

  3.  Truely magical; I've died and gone to heaven!


    Until now this wasn't available on DVD so now it is I really am exstatic! I love this film. No explosions (well one on a hill over the beach but not integral to the plot), no major stunts, no special effects worth mentioning, no puerile humour aimed at brain dead morons!
    So what do you get? Well, a lovely gentle comedy that is brilliantly written, well acted with no one trying to out act anyone else and the most haunting music score going.
    I really cannot recommend any film more highly, at £4.99 its a steal, go on get it, youv'e got nothing to lose but will gain a magical couple of hours in that place we all yearn for but never really find... heaven.

  4.  Simply superb


    An amazing historical novel set at theme of the struggles between Stephen and Maud and with the background of building a new cathedral. I didn't think this sounded too exciting and put off reading this for a long time. However, I finaly did read this and am I glad I did. It is an immense work with fabulous characters (the baddies are really bad) and totally convincing situations. The story is superb and you really root for all concerned.
    At over 1000 pages its a long read but one I simply couldn't put down.
    If you like historical fiction then get this, read it and move on to the follow up World Without End set some 200 years later. Both books are ones you simply cannot put down.

  5.  Stirring exploits of the RAF


    OK, I know its an old film and the effects of today leave those of this film standing but what really makes a great film are the performances and story. This film has them both.
    The write up says its based on real events, if my memory serves me correctly it isn't and Frederick E Smith makes no such statement in my copy of the book upon which it is based.
    That said, it certainly is a great film. The performances are perfect and not overly heroic but depict the real pilots and other RAF servicemen as they should be down to earth, brave and young(ish), normal men caught up in the war, with their own loves and looking forward to life after the war with differing degrees of trepidation or longing.
    The flying sequences are good and believable, the ending stirring and worthy of any do or die story with true heroism in the face of overwhelming odds.
    This is the war film all others should be compared to and in the same league as The Dam Busters. Great stuff for any (war) film fan.

  6.  Sheer Joy


    What a gem. Marley is a dog with problems but not a bad bone in his body. From the first page to the last this book is a delight to read but keep a box of tissues near at all time because you'll need them!

    Following the story from purchase to lifes end, this book will please anyone who has ever loved a dog. Theres laughter, and I mean rip roaring, tear streaming laughter as Marley destroys houses and even escapes from a moving car! And there's sadness and compassion from and for Marley.
    This book is such a gentle read and one I couldn't put down. Long after I completed it I couldn't stop thinking about it, it was as if I had lost a good friend myself. The Grogans seem such a nice family and Marley a loving if somewhat derranged dog the like of which I myself have known!
    I cannot rate this book more highly, one I am sure to return to many times.

  7.  Realistic but uninspiring


    I have read several books about owning "problem" dogs and loved several such as "Busters Diaries" by Roy Hattersley and "Marley and Me" by John Grogan and I usually love these. They are often quirky, laugh out loud funny and in places sad and tearful. So, when my kids gave me this for Fathers Day I was looking forward to something along the lines already mentioned. Unfortunately this book did not live up to my expectations.

    Its short (mercifuly) and seems to have been written by a loving amateur despite his claim to be a professional writer as is his partner. The dog doesn't come across to be all that problematical and the laughs are few and far between. The problem is it covers the first year with the dog and not a lot really happens. He spends alot of time complaining about other dog owners and hates owners of certain breeds such as the Golden Retriever which I own and know several other such owners, none of whom fit his picture at all.

    I guess it passed a couple of hours reading but was too lightweight and uneventful. Read the two I've already mentioned and you'll be entertained far better and for far longer.

  8.  2nd in a good series


    Following on where The Last Kingdom ended. this is a good story in typical Cornwell style. Smell the battles, feel the sword fights and get to know King Alfred a little more while following the narrator Uhtred on his adventures. Good stuff but read The Last Kingdom first.

  9.  Not like Arthur! (But still good)


    I like Cornwell novels. They are easy to read, entertaining, usually have a real historical background and seem to be as realistic as an author can make them. This is no exception.
    Set in the time of the Viking invasion of Britain, this is the first in several books (the fourth is released late 2007 which tells the tale of Alfred the Great but through the story of one of his soldiers who also has an afinity with the vikings (a good way to see both sides).
    Its a great read and a good introduction to the series.
    Cornwell at his best? Almost, for me the Arthur trilogy is still his master work and by far the best, if it wasn;t for Arthur then perhaps this would have got 5 stars! Its certainly a good way to get in to Cornwells work so go on, give it a try.

  10.  A good read


    Set in WW2 thios story is based on actual eventsbut is a work of fiction. The story of a young man who escaped from the Germans with inteligence of their radar is true, the actual story is Mr Folletts version filling in the details as only an author can. Its a good read that keeps you entertained from page one.
    Good characters, good plot and an authentic feel to the era. You can't want more than that from a book.
    I liked it