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  1.  What a flippin disaster


    Are Dice EA serious? This is really supposed to replace BF3?

    Putting the endless list of bugs, crashes, stutters and 99% resources aside, the maps are unappealing. Promote COD style lone wolf play with snipers camped everywhere. All the big set pieces that naturally built up in the classic BF3 maps are completely absent from BF4. Just people running everywhere. I can't find anything i like about the game about all.

    This is a total disaster, first BF game i've truly hated. Perhaps once its running stable with a nice smooth frame rate i will change my mind.

  2. GRID 2

    GRID 2

    Xbox 360

    7 New from  £8.44  Free delivery

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    Pure arcade racer with nothing in common with the original game.

    Pukka circuits are out, replaced with hopeless made up street circuits (standard console arcade racer stuff), no cockpit view (third person or bonnet cam only) and the handling consists of just drifting. Has to be one of the biggest let downs of the year so far. Shame on you Codemasters for turning out something so rubbish.

  3.  Rubbish


    Pure console port and only connected to GRiD in name alone. This is a Need For Speed wannabe, total 100% arcade racer.
    All the good parts of GRiD have been stripped out, such as the official circuits, cockpit cam, decent handling. And replaced with fake street circuit racing, drift style handing and a naff career. All the ingredients of a rubbish racing game.

  4.  Fan boys will love it, everyone else perhaps not


    Owned every COD released. Original Black Ops was great, one of the best in the series. But MW3 was poor and Black Ops II sadly follows suit. Small rubbish maps with corridor effect, too frantic, age old problem with weapons badly balanced. I have grown tired of COD, it needs a reboot. But i won't deny anyone who liked MW3 will love it.
    I'm ready for COD to return to simpler times. Not fussed which era, but anything where the weaponry is much more basic.

  5.  Test Drive Unlimited 3


    Read all the preview write ups around the web that assured Horizons was not TDU3. Hmm well based on the demo it can only be described as TDU2 with a tweak or in other words, TDU3.
    A bit disappointing to say the least. Especially as it doesn't feel like you can go for a cruise, it constantly wants you to attend the next race. I don't want to race, i want to go cruising!
    Hopefully the full game will be better.

  6.  Awesomeness


    We are huge MMO fans with WoW, RoM and Rift being our current favs. But not for much longer. Played through the Old Republic beta weekend and we think there is a new king of MMO.
    Cut scenes are superb. Game play spot on. Interface good. Plenty of options.
    It's going to be massive! We have it pre-ordered, just waiting for the early access codes to play 5 days early.

  7.  Great game let down by console compromise


    Absolutely love the game, the massive environment to explore and the challenges. Moves nicely on from Oblivion.
    But their are some downsides. The graphics, by current PC standards, are poor. There's no doubt that the desire to programme it for the antiquated X360 and PS3 has held back the PC version. Which is a real shame as the PC is vastly superior and they haven't tapped its potential.
    There are also some graphical glitches with the textures. But i'm sure these will be patched, so no big deal.
    Lastly, it requires Steam and I hate games that use either Steam or Origin.
    Still rate it 4 stars though for the solid game at its core.

  8.  Same old


    I guess those that really love the COD series will be lapping this up and hence all the 5 star reviews. But if you played any of the COD series from MW and got bored with the same old story, then this game won't do anything to convince you COD has anything new to offer. For extreme COD fans only. 3 star game for the rest of us. And when you get bored go buy BF3 and play something different.

  9.  Best FPS available - even better on the PC


    Been playing Battlefield - Bad Company 2 since it was released. Top game, best online FPS experience.......until now. This tops it in every way. The graphics are sublime, sounds top draw and maps as good as you could hope for. Guns are well balanced and so far the servers have been faultless for me.
    Battlefield and Call of Duty are two different sorts of game despite being aimed at the same modern era warfare. They play differently and each has its fans. I played a lot of Black Ops too but got frustrated with the online system and the gameplay. If you like your online shooters a bit more tactical and a little less Rambo, Battlefield 3 is the game you want, not Modern Warfare 3.
    Haven't played the single player and don't intend too either. So this score is purely for the multiplayer.

  10.  Not as good as hoped


    Firstly, not sure what the first reviewer has done but can confirm it is 100% user error. With a 360 controller the throttle and brake are progressive, better with manual gears.

    The new island looks nice, graphics are good. There is some pop-up and minor bugs. But on the whole a nice place to explore. The change of light and weather is good too.

    Cars aren't bad. For some reason the sound has taken a step back from the first game. Some of the cars sound real bad, as if they were from a 10yr old racing game. While others (Ford GT40) sound good. The modelling is good, the cars look nice, interiors look good.

    The racing is okay, although i tried to do some racing with the Alfa Brera and it was highly frustrating. Not sure if the Brera is really that rubbish in real life but it has some serious lack of go and absolutely no torque.

    But off-roading rally style with the Subaru Impreza WRX was great fun. It's one of the better cars so far, nice model and sound.

    Menu's are better and the map is better too. And the first person walk about is a good idea.

    Personally for us this is a good game. It's perhaps not as good as we hoped. But we like the free roam aspect, just exploring the islands with the occasional race. Like a spiritual successor to Midtown Madness. I have F1 2010 for proper track style racing.