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  1.  Madness going back to their roots


    I thought I would give it a couple of months for me to see how this album fitted into my Madness album collection. The overall sound has a retro feel from the My Girl2 right down to Circus freaks. Its a good mix from Suggsy and co. You can hear influences from their previous albums. Tracks such as La Luna and So Alive jump right out and get under your subconcious and you find yourself humming them. For me the stand out track has got to be "Never knew your name" its a slushy love ballad. If it had been released back in the day this would have been a number 1 smash for sure.Those lyrics from the track resonate:

    Oh I wanted to call, call out your name
    But stupid pride and idiot shame
    Hesitated, scared of playing the fool
    So you walked away, from Mr Cool

    A class number boys! Almost as good as my old time favourite Razor Blade Alley.And more importantly this album does sit well with the other Madness albums in my collection. So buy and enjoy humming to these quality tracks!!!

  2.  Good crystal clear sound fresh as the day it was recorded


    I have only had the CD for a week and I can only commend the restoration work that George Martin and co have put into this. The CD comes in a cardboard sleeve which replicates the original album release.The booklet inside includes original photos of the lads taken at the time as well as Tony Barrows original 1963 cover notes.The recording notes added by George Martin and the principal engineer Norman Smith give details of how this album was recorded on 11th February 1963.Quote from George Martin "In just nine and three quarter hours and using seven half-hour reels of tape they completed eleven titles". Awesome talent and awesome sound that sets a standard that todays recording artists will find hard to beat. So crank up your amp and Twist and Shout!!!

  3.  Lemmy gets hits rocks off!!!


    A seminal album from those hard rockers Motorhead. Just recently started listening to this album again after replacing it on CD.I must say it does sound refreshing and good for blowing the cobwebs away!
    Apart from the obvious choice of the title track there are a few hidden no so well publisised tracks on here. My fave has got to be "Live to Win" which is on the same parring with ace of spades itself.
    So if you want anarchy to come on in and live to win get this album
    cranked up to number 11 and rock on.

  4.  Wii Chess the new rock n roll?


    Up to 10 levels to get to grips with. For the average player things start getting tough from level 4 onwards. I`ve been on line and had no problems connecting to other players from around the world. You can either connect to players of the same rating (You start off with 1500 points and from there you either gain or lose points) or any ability. Theres some pretty tough players out there! You can choose from two time matches either 5 or 20 minutes.
    Its a well crafted game. I wish there was more of a 3D element to the graphics which is only a little niggle. As you progress through the game you can unlock better looking chess pieces and boards.
    All in all a good game. I can see quite a few chess players out there getting hooked onto the online gaming element of the package. It remains to be seen if the new Fritz chess package coming out this year will beat it though. Overall good value for money with the Loop express chess engine that nintendo have built in coming out on top.