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  1.  Avoid like the Plague


    I was given an uncut screener copy by a friend of this movie and its a movie you wish having watched you could unwatch, not because its bad but because it is so sick, depraved and vile you will be appalled you made it to the end credits without taking it out of your machine and breaking the disc.

    This is the cut version but any movie that has scenes of 'newborn porn', child rape, necrophilia in graphic detail, and there is worse than that in the movie should not be viewed even for curiosity.

    Why anyone would purchase such a movie is beyond my comprehension but if you can do better than me and not see it out of curiosity good on you, dont believe anyone who claims there is a message in this film because its such a repulsive movie it will take more than one viewing which is one too many to begin with to find it.


  2.  Simply Stunning


    I got Aliens v Monsters with my 3D set up which I though was really good, that was until I saw Cloudy which the picture is just out of this world.

    This is the first title that really shows just how good home 3D can be and the trailer for the upcoming Open Season 3D looks even better than this title which is saying something.

    Granted the is the only 3D title available in the shops but even if it wasnt its an essential purchase just to stick people in front of the tv that dont think 3D is anything special as see them change their minds on the spot

  3.  Good Movie, Great Extras


    This is a so-so movie that does have some very funny moments mainly provided by Seann William Scott and it has a very deliberate 80' Beverly Hills Cop feel to it (even the music). If you are a Kevin Smith fan this movie probably isnt for you as he didnt write it and were it not for his name attached it could have been anyone directing.

    Where the disc excels is the Maximum Movie Mode which I have watched on the us version and although the movie runs at under 2 hours Smiths movie mode runs at almost 3. For anyone who doesnt know what this is it was on Sherlock Homes and 300 too where the director walks on screen, paused the movie to explain whats going on or show behind the scenes footage before moving on and is much better than a directors commentary and is the main reason for buying this disc as it is never not entertaining watching Smith.

  4.  Waste of talent


    When a Harrison Ford movie arrives on dvd/blu-ray and you have never heard of it you should go with your gut and steer clear as this is a mess of a movie.

    Its basically Crash re-written but instead of the theme being race this is about illegal imagration into the US.

    Heavy handed and uninvolving this is one for rental only.

  5.  Comedy of the year


    What sets this movie apart from other comedies is the fact that it is structured like the Christoper Nolan movie 'Momento'. After a brief introduction to our characters the movie jumps forward to near the end where we see the aftermath of the batchelor party and the comedy comes with them piecing the night together one clue at a time involving strippers, tigers, Mike Tyson and midget chinese gansters.

    While the ending is pridictable its the laughs along the way that make this movie.

    Definately worth having in your collection.

  6.  A Must Have


    Michael McIntyre is a rare breed of comedian one where you laugh just by how he skips onto the stage before he opens his mouth, from Herbs & Spices, Ryanair, Sky TV, resturant habits he'll have your sides aching from the laughter, you wont even realise you are laughing at yourself as much as anything when he points out the stupid things everyone does.

    The resturant joke almost tops the 'Man Drawer' routine from his hysterical Live and Laughing, but not quite.

    Where as most comedians stretch out a show to 60-70 mins McIntyre rips through a 90 minute set without any padding.

    Buy a copy now and have your friends around, you wont regret it.

  7.  A Mess


    First off I loved the first movie and was someone who couldt wait for the second one but this is just a mess. Its easily half an hour too long which is evident around the midway point when the movie grinds to a hault for some 'character moments'.

    While the movie is action packed is all very samey explosions everywhere and robots beating each other up even though half the time you dont know whats happening is going so fast, also there is far too much lame humour which the transformer 'twins' being as annoying as Jar Jar Binks.

    The Dark Knight showed you can make an intelligent action packed movie in the 12's category but this is too much.

    The transfer is a very good 4.5/5 and the soundtrack 5/5 but be sure to not have it too loud our you'll have your neighbours in to you.

    Hopefully they will spend a bit more time on the script next time out as much as the effects.

  8. Bruno



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     Not as good as Borat.


    This is a very funny movie in places but is much more staged than Borat and while Borat showed up the ignorance of people in the US this movie doesnt really say anything apart from possibly seeing just how far you can push the envelope with what is acceptable comedy.

    Unlike Borat this is much more scattershot. While it is very funny in places, the staged swingers night, the unstaged television review group it misses as much as it hits and wont be as remembered in years to come like Borat.

    The transfer is ok and I would give it a 3/5 and the audio likewise as its basically just a talking movies (no explosions etc)

    The extras are in HD including about 40 mins of deleted scenes which are ok. The commentary is interesting though as it runs nearly half an hour longer than the film and to combat this they pause the movie in certain places to allow them time to talk about a scene before moving on which is a strange experience.

    Not an essential purchase by anymeans or if you are easily offended but not a bad film to have for a lads night in.

  9.  First Class Movie & Disc


    Finally a Star Trek movie that appeals to everyone and not just Star Trek fans.

    While some purist fans were not too happy with the ending (as it breaks the Star Trek cannon) it was a materstoke by JJ Abrams as not only is this an origin story for characters that everyone already knows but it now doesnt have to worry about how future films fit in with the other 10 already made as they have wiped the slate clean.

    Funny, entertaining and action packed you couldnt hope for more.

    As for the disc itself the picture transfer is top notch and is one of the few live action movies that falls into the 'reference material' category. The sound also is first rate and while not as loud as say Transformers 2 (what could be?) it will give your speakers a good workout.

    In addition to this virtually all the extras, and there are lots, are also in HD making this a must own package.

    Highly recommended.

  10.  One of the Best Remakes


    It seems every other week there is a horror re-make or re-boot hitting the cinema all of them with the exception of The Ring and this little gem being just cheap cash ins.

    This movie retains the originals dirty, nasty feel to it while upping the gore far above the original. However unlike most remakes the actors here are solid and you can feel the fear and terror they are experiencing which makes the movie so tense.

    Naturally they ruined things by making a rubbish prequel to this version however I personally even prefer this version to the original which to me is tame now and this is far from that.

    This is one of the best horrors in recent years and worth a place in your collection.