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  1.  Awesome!


    We have these at my work and I often find my self messing around with them about the shop! The sound clip quality is great for the "psheww" of the blaster and the various sound clips. Also the quality of it is very good being made of strong plastic and the slide motion of the blaster when fired is very fluid and after many hundreds of shots I have never seen it jam. 1 thing i would say is it's not good for the large handed! I sometime find my knuckles run on the inner casing after lengthy periods of annoying other employees!

  2.  Dissapointed


    To be honest I was pretty disapointed with this game! I brought it thinking it looked amazing, started playing it and really enjoyed it for the first few hours and then it all went wrong for me. The stupidly small amounts of ammo you scavange/buy means you end up wasting ammo on the smaller threats leaving you for dead when attacked by raiders, the guns are so terribly weak that for some reason headshots no longer seem to kill normal people (unless through the VAT targeting system) who have no head protection and the respawn system is TERRIBLE. You travel half way across the map to get to your destination, get killed and end up all the way back at the other side of the map because thats where you last left a house or major area. I'm not saying its a bad game, the story is really well thought out, the graphics are great and the idea of being able to switch between 3rd and first person view is great (except for the movvemnt in 3rd person looks terrible), but I generally just found this game annoying!

  3.  Excellent!


    After my first day of owning them i was fluently walking and jogging but still having a few difficulties, by day two i was jogging well on them and am now able to jog fast! Tyhere is no danger with them as long as you take the nescisary precautions such as a helmet and wrist guards at the very least! These are the best use of £180 ive ever come across because thier great fun and great exercise, easy to pick up and your bigger than every one!!

  4.  Best Yet


    A thrilling novel, by far the best book in the series, with a twist or surprise around every corner. An excellent climax to the Harry Potter Seies. I know i enjoyed it!

  5.  BUY IT NOW!


    An excellent addition to the final fantasy series has finally laned outside Japan! If your a fan of the FF series you will click "add to basket" NOW! As well as finally bridging the gap between 2 and 4 it provides a long and depthy storyline with the bonus of customisable party members and cutest chibi styled charecters that you'll soon find yourself becoming very attached to!

  6.  Pointless


    GPC is a waste of money unless you are a pinball wizard! It is dull and makes no use of the motion sensors! Seriously you might as well go out and just spend £28 on real pinball!

  7. SSX Blur

    SSX Blur

    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £27.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.48

     Good buy


    Fun controls, fun game, big play area, lots of replayability. Nuff said!

  8.  Let down


    A fun game with intuitive control system let down by a lack of decent gameplay and short storyline. Should only take 7 hours max to complete the main story on highest difficulty and has very little to do with the film. I would recomend that only kids get this one but the controls may confuse them!