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  1.  Do you like games that are very, very, very, very good?


    If you do, you will love this.

    I adored the first Bioshock and predicted the sequel to be like nearly every other game sequel, nowhere near as good as the first.

    Bioshock 2 does something very rare. It manages to be very similar to its predecessor yet still prove to be different enough to feel fresh and refined. This is achieved through excellent plot, new characters an edge of your seat atmosphere that is all wrapped up in the stunningly gorgeous world of Rapture.

    Computer games are like books, films and art; essentially, escapism. No other game in my opinion captures the essence of this 'escapism' better than the Bioshock franchise. Instead of living in a boring, cold Britain waiting to either be stabbed by a chav or freeze to death waiting for a bus, I am now a resident of Rapture. Yes I am being chased by Splicers throwing knives at me, being scared over and over at the sight and sound of a Big Sister and trying to rescue my kidnapped daughter. But I know where I'd rather be and I love it.

  2.  James Bourne


    The Bourne Identity... sorry... I mean Quantum of Solace, is an ok Bond film but should be much better. As soon as I heard they were going to have the opening sequence as the DBS having a car chase into Siena my seat was already booked in the cinema. I was looking forward to it for ages. What a complete and utter disappointment. If your going to do a Bond car chase I want that microphone shoved as far up the DBS's exhaust pipe as is possible and kept there till the chase is over. Unfortunately the editor decided to cut out the sound of the DBS with... silence, I guess to make it more atmospheric! I sat there gob-smacked, i could not believe it. I do have a word that describes the person who edited that sequence but I cant repeat it on here. There are some good bits but there are some boring and 'not very Bond' parts to it as-well. On the plus side Tom Ford does a fantastic job on styling Bond's clothes but it doesn't rescue this film from what can only be described as 'mediocrity'.

  3.  Those poor people who use apple ipod headphones...


    I feel sooo sorry for the people who use normal apple ipod headphones - because they're absolute rubbish. I feel like walking up to them in the street, forcing these senheiser headphones in their ears and saying "that's what it should sound like!!" these little beauties allow you to listen to the music very close to the quality in which the producer has made the track in the first place. If you love music, buy these now. Brilliant.

  4.  Classic!


    If you did not watch this the first time it was on TV, you have my condolences. The best of the best, nothing else to say.