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  1.  This is a case for a Kindle


    'New 6 inch neoprene case for new amazon kindle' - So said the dispatch note that came with this case.

    You've to take your hat off on the boldness and pure cheek of this company.


  2.  Awesome show & Very reasonable Price


    I can't believe how funny and brilliantly written this show is.

    I only wish when i knew about it 5 years ago and gave the courtesy of an additional viewing figure.

    Re-airings are currently on Freeview channel DAVE with a new series penned for 2011!

    Rewatch this show on TV, buy the DVD's and search for Lead Balloon online!

  3.  *CINEMA GOLD* should be renamed The Funniest Film Ever Made*


    Funniest film i have ever seen, i agree 100% with the comments below me this is the only film in the last 5 years that is close to anchorman.. I'd say this film is on a par with anchorman as the funnisest film ever made.

    The scene where the family are singing in the car is hands down the funniest scene i have ever seen in a movie.. Not just the scene itself... But the though of the writers coming up with it....the build up to filming the scene... And all that it entails... It was "cinema gold" along with nearly everyother scene in this movie.

    An aboslute classic and a must buy...

    10/10 For john c. Reily's performance if there were oscars for comedy performances he deserves one.

    Buy 2 copies... You will need to.

  4.  4.5/5


    A huge fan of the apatow branch of recent films, seth rogen himself, guns.. Explosions... Violence and any strain of marijuana with the word pineapple in it, i went to this film with high hopes of seeing the greatest movie ever made but alas.. Something was missing. I think apatow is letting the actors imporvise too much and it is certainly becoming more and more noticable.. Other than that a fantastic performace from james franco more than makes up for the less than impressive improv from seth rogen.

    5/5 For mcbride & franco
    4/5 For the script & rogen