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  1.  Totally smashing


    wow i bought this game thinking it would be interesting but this game has blown all my expectations out of the water i havent finished this game yet but the story is amazing the way the game makes you feel about the characters is awesome at first the characters were a mere annoyance but you grow to have differnt feelings for all of them it really is a good if not underestimated story telling experience.

  2.  Dont believe the reviews on other sites


    After readiing reviews on other websites which gave the game some pretty negetive reviews mainly because of graphic flaws and glitches which there are some clipping issues but aslong as you have friends to go through the game with the core gameplay is so good that thoes little problems will only bother thoes who are looking for flaws the melee combat is awesome and the zombies are great not like left 4 dead were they are fodder a group of 3 zombies at the start will easily require backup you really have to survive in this game not go on a killing rampage if you love zombie apocalypse's then go for this you wont be dissapointed.

  3.  Absolute chaos but no substance


    At first i thought that the map was too big it was really daunting but more i explored the more the game seemed to offer causeing chaos is really fun and is vital to get onto the next mission but after a while the faction missions start to get repetetive and the fact that there is only 7 main story missions all of wich are really short just made the game feel really flat if your looking for a plot better off with other sand box games if your looking for total mayhem and fun then bring on just cause 2

  4.  Avp rocks my socks


    All i can say about the campaign is well done it is amazing i found the marine campaign to be the best becasue if you play it with the sound up and the lights down it can really freak you out when you hear an alien growling behind you the alien campaign was fun but not that in depth just really causing mayhem i found the predator campaign got a bit laborious towards the end but it was solid not being able to crouch with either the predator or marine kinda botherd me but not loads the multiplayer is really fun especially infestation my personal fave only problem with multiplayer is that it takes soooooooo long to find a match sometimes but its worth the wait 5 out of 5 and nothing less from me

  5.  Brilliant game but still no avatar clothes


    i bought this game after reading about the story and i have to say this game is epic the graphics are crisp and suit the game to a tee the characters are totally belivable and you can relate to war really well the variety of weapons is really good and they are extremley balanced so that wars main sword is still one of the best form of attacks the only problem i have so far is that i dont have my avatar clothes but apart from that epic game and the artwork is amazing

  6.  pure crazy fun


    this game may be seen as a clone of gta and at its core it is but this game just amps up the crazyness to 11 its full of crazy superhuman pimps fast cars sweet missions and fully co-op my frends love this game because its not seriouse you can have a laugh do what you want with a great storyline and variety of weapons and now different fighting styles this game keeps you entertained for hours just doing the funny missions with hilariouse characters also all of the cutscenes in this game were brilliant with loads of emotion and action unlike gta4 were all the emotion seemed stripped. all in all if your looking for a fast paced action thats totaly over the top this is the game for

  7.  Technically brilliant just not as fun


    for me fight night round three was amazing so when i first played fight night round 4 i was disapointed the game seemed alot harder and people could take so many hits it seemed like they were invincible but once i played it a bit longer i relised how technical this series had become thats when the series opened up for me and i saw how good a game it was but still i find i cant do two many fights on this at a time because they go on so long but still fun to pick up and play

  8.  makes stabbing an artform


    this game is visually tasty and the gameplay is similar to ac1 but cleaned up lots and improved by far finally they realised how boring and repetetive the original game was so theyve done away with the old form of missions and made this instalment very story based which i loved the introduction of money opens up a new dimension this game also there are so many hidden extras that it will have you hunting for ages brilliant game well worth the money.

  9.  rts fans wet dream


    if you love your strategy games then red alert 3 is a must buy fresh look not grey and boring like some of the other rts games out there and the controls are really easy to use and have been well thought out for use on a console this game is highly accesable if your new to the genre you can use the basic commands and still get the job done but if your a vetren then you can still use the advanced commands and get the job done with a great look and sense of proffesionalism some problems though are the online its really fun but unfortunatly there are just not that many palayers online and the ones that are playing are very impatient and fail to wait longer than 2 seconds but the game itself has great campaign that you can do with a friend great variety in factions and more depth than say halo wars all in all masterpiece.;

  10.  Fighting the right way


    bought tekken 6 on a whim not having played a tekken game since tekken 2(showing my age a bit) but im so glad i did this the first thing i had to try was the online apart from some unfair match ups in ranks it was solid alot better than doa online and less lag because there are so many characters i thought there would be lots of similar ways to fight just new skins on same old models but each fighter has there own style of fighting that is fresh. only problems i found were the scenario campaign was kinda repetive and the arcade mode was ridiculously hard at the end but all in all brilliant fighter.