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  1.  This is a great episode


    Catherine Tate as Donna is just brilliant. Donna ends up on The Tardis on her wedding day but The Doctor has to find out why and how she got there and kill The Racnoss. The Music and Monster is just great to. So over all this is a fantastic DVD.

  2.  Very Funny


    If you like Beavis And Butthead then you will love this DVD. Beavis And Butthead end up in America after there TV was stolen. Little do they know that there carrying a deadly microchip and the FBI are looking for then. This DVD is so funny and a must buy for all Beavis And Butthead fans.

  3.  Good ink


    I buy this ink and the it's the best one you can buy

  4.  Very Sad


    Fear her- The Doctor and Rose travel to London 2012 to see the Olympics but there Children disappearing and Rose has to save the day when The Doctor disappears.

    Army Of Ghosts/ Doomsday- These and 2 of my favourite episodes. The Doctor and Rose end up in Torchwood Tower where there are Cybermen and Daleks. These 2 episodes and action packed and there some really sad moments in it.

    Over all this is a great DVD especially The Army Of Ghosts and Doomsday episodes.

  5.  Good DVD


    The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit- The Doctor and Rose end up on a spaceship that should have been sucked in to a black hole where they meet a group of people and the Ood. After The Doctor losses his TARDIS he goes to the core of the planet to try and hind out what down there.

    Love & Monsters- In this episode you don't really get to see The Doctor and Rose much but don't let that put you off as it's a good epieode anyway. This episode is about a man named Elton and how he came to meet The Doctor. The Abzorbaloff was designed by nine-year-old William Grantham and it's a great monster.

    Over all maybe not the best episode but if you're a Doctor Who fan you will like it

  6.  The Cybermen are Back


    Rise Of The Cybermen/ The age Of Steel- The Doctor and Rose end up in a parallel world where people are going missing and been made in to Cybermen. The Doctor Rose and Mickey must save the day. The Cybermen are one of my favourite monsters and these are 2 great episode.

    The Idiot's Lantern- It's Queen's Elizabeth II Coronation but something is staling people faces and The Doctor must save the day and stop The Wire.

    The Idiot's Lantern is not one of the best episodes but the DVD is worth buying for the 2 Cybermen episodes.

  7.  Welcome To Funky Town


    I got this for my Nephews 12 birthday and he thinks there great he always playing with them and he has bought him some of the funkey character to go with it. Each Character unlocks a new world and you can play mini games and buy furniture. The Funkeys Starter Pack comes with everything you need to start playing and it's a bargain at £4.99

  8.  Great TV Series


    I also have to say Wild At Heart is brilliant. Stephen Tompkinson and Amanda Holden are both great actors and I just love the animals there some great action in it to. Wild At Heart is about a family that go to Africa to release a monkey back in to the wild but they end up moving there. This is a must buy DVD for any animal fan.

  9.  3 great episodes and Sarah Jane great


    Tooth And Claw- The Doctor and Rose end up meeting Queen Victoria where they must save her from a werewolf.

    School Reunion- There strange things going on so The Doctor and Rose end up working in a school where he meets an old friend Sarah Jane Smith and K9 who help him save the day from the krillitane. Remember don't eat the chips.

    The Girl In The FirePlace- Mickey Smith is now travling with The Doctor and Rose when they end up on a Spaceship and there a time window to 1727 France where The Clockwork Men are scanning Madame De Pompadour brain. The Doctor must find out why and save her from The Clockwork Men.

    These are another 3 great episode with some good scenes in.

  10.  David Tennant Is A Great Doctor


    The Christmas Invasion- This is the first episode with David Tennant in it and he was brilliant. In this episode The Doctor is still recovering from his regeneration but there a spaceship heading towards earth. But will The Doctor wake up in time to save the Earth from The Sycoraxs.

    New Earth- The Doctor gets a massage on his psychic paper so He and Rose travel to New Earth in the future to a Hospital where they have a cure for every disease. The Doctor must find out out they have a cure for everything and also save Rose from Cassandra.

    Over all thses are 2 grat episode and David Tennant is a great Doctor.