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  1.  Less arcade mplayer-heavy game - more console combat sim


    Right, for the really negative reviews on here (2 at time of posting). Firstly, the graphics are pretty good with wide-spanning landscapes. Given the location itself, the graphics do exactly what they need to. Also, the AI aren't great but are very functional with constant orders (which is what you're expected to do!). For the second review, don't give a game a negative review because YOU didn't read up on it. The Operation Flashpoint series was never geared up for heavy CoD/battlefield deathmatch style stuff. It's more of a sim, or as close to one as you can get on a console. Main emphasis is on co-op missions, which was the best part of the first console Flashpoint game. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one more. It's not perfect but it's an improvement! If you do the single-player campaign, it's surprisingly lengthy, which is good considering the last game was fairly short in comparison.

  2.  True to the comic


    Vampires that love being what they are, gory, good special effects, moody. This stays true to the original comic, almost frame by frame. In response to 'DaveDave''s review, the ending is the same as in the comic, NOT because the director thought he had to end the film.