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  1.  such a great film


    I been waiting for ages to see this film and its has to be said that this film is a really good chick flick film. The story line is very funny and not just a basic story line where two people fall in love!!! Its now one of my favourite films :)

  2.  not as good as number 1


    this film was a bit of a let down but the dogs are so sweet in the movie and it is still worth a watch

  3.  worht a watch for the price


    After seeing the third film, i throught that this one wouldn't be any good either but i have to say its so much better than the third film! Its worth a watch for the price and its has some funny pats in it to.

  4.  amazing up there with the other disney classics


    i been waiting for ages to see this film and it didn't let me down!!! Disney have done it again, another amazing film full of twists and turns. I have to say the ending to me feels very beauty and the beast but it was great to watch :)

  5.  amazing!!!


    i don't really feel that this film gets enough credit, at first the film is a bit dull but once it gets going it is such a good film to watch. I have to say out of the 3 films number 1 is the best!!!

  6. Elf



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     best film ever!!!!!


    no matter how many times i watch this film i never get bored of seeing it, its funny right from the start and it is the best way to spread christmas cheer just by watching it

  7.  predictable story line but great to watch


    even though the story line is very predictable with a common girl falling in love with a prince its well worth a watch. It has lots of funny parts in it as well as lots of love :) well worth it for the price!



    I had only this mobile for two days and on day two it broke. This mobile seems great at first because it looks really nice and has everything you could ask for eg mp3. But on day it would not charge what so ever and it gets marked very quickly. I say that the price is great and now i can see why because it is so poorly made. DO NOT BUY IT, I HATED IT!