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  1.  great service


    great product works fine and very good and fast service will buy again

  2.  Nice little phone


    not a bad little phone from nokia good clean designe and very light sound is very good web is farst to load the only down side mms is very slow . bat life is outstanding. .

  3.  boring film


    This has got to be the worst film ever. do not no why it is an 18 . the film is so boring i just can not say anything good about this film it is bad from start to end me and my friends did not laugh once the acting is bad the story line is bad just a waist of money even if you was given this film for free it would still be bad knowing its in your dvd collection.

  4.  poor


    I had the tocco light on contract and i did not like it at all i got this phone genio in its place and got to say . Samsung please dont treat us like this this phone is the tocco but under a diffrent name .

    The internet is so slow at loading i give up at times and you tube on this phone is just a joke the lay out is bad and when ever you make a call it will put the key gaurd on all the time i just hate this phone the bat life is very poor the only thing i like about this phone is you can switch it off .

  5.  must buy


    i have this laptop for about 5 months now and i have to say it is the best laptop i have had cool sound good screen esy to use what more can i say just love it

  6.  bat problem


    ok i have read a lot off reviews regarding the bat life on this phone ,yes it is true the bat could be better from nokia . But hear is a FREE way to give your bat life 30% more life , when you get the phone and have set up your pc with the disc from nokia go to the ovi website once the disc has loded on your pc , then go to there shop and click on free stuff and down load the bat extender once it loades on your nokia you get 30 % more bat life if you dont have a pc you can still do it from your nokia, go on line go to bookmarks go down to ovi and do the same there . i have got it and my bat is just fine even after watching a 1hr & 28 min film from m nokia it only used one bar.
    hope this helps you all .

  7.  does it come with music


    i do like this phone but can anyone tell me does this phone come with 12 months free music or not as there are 2 models with and without music

  8.  Top Film for 2009


    What can i say about Bruno,
    Me and my friends went to see the film on the day in was opened in the uk and we thought it would not beat Borat HOW wrong we was we was laughing the hole time yes it can be strong in places but you will love it or hate it but im sure you will love it . lets put it this way if you love a good laugh and dont take things to hart you will love this film but if you do takes things to hart it would be best to avoid Bruno. but i give it 5 stars as i loved it just can not wait for it to come out on dvd now .

  9.  good film


    ok i have read what the others say about this film , but i fill it is a good film it has a good story line sort off ok yer the acting is a bit off but all round a good film .

  10.  TOP FILM


    Outstanding movie a must see and this 3 disc set is a must buy at this price .