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  1.  Fantastic


    This game is excellent. Only been playingthe Beta for a few days but the game is almost ready to go as is. This game includes all the great aspects of modern war games such as modern warfare 2and bad company 2, but somehow keeps the honest and fun simplicity of previous MOH games and the Quake Series. Just go buy it

  2.  Outstanding


    When i first read this book i didnt get past the fisrt 100 pages. I thought the book was going off the main story line and i did not enjoy it. With the news of the first in this series becoming a HBO tv series i decided to read the books released so far again. This time round i found the book a joy to read. Martin has split this book into two. The second being a Dance of Dragons (yet to be released). Half of the major charactors are not mentioned as their story will run parallel with those of a Feast of Crows in the up coming book. As usual there are plenty of new twists and plots added to this book. from time to time you get a 'stayle' chapter but its worth persuing as they all set the stage for the next plot twist. A great read for any who likes fantasy. I would infact go as far as to say, you do not like fantasy novels until you have read these books!

  3.  Suprisingly Good


    First off the bad points. The 9th legion isnt in this much, infact the lgened of the 9th is only used to create this story. There is a lot of running which reminded me alot of Lord of the Rings. The story is VERY fictional.
    The good: Excellent acting, high detail and intense fight scenes. Predictable storyline and events, but how they are acheived was very interesting and well done. Obviously low budget, but this does not detract from the film. Mor so i beleive it adds to it!.
    Inshort: if you value truth over entertainment, this film wont be the best but will still be fun. If your happy to sacrafice truth for entertainment, buy this film!!

  4.  Shocking


    I saw this on release date at the Cinema.. Honestly, i got bored and laughed at its pathetic attempt to create a believeable fantasy film. Acting was bland (except for Pete Postlethwaite as usual), story was non existant and fight screens were very poor. If you want a decent low budget fantasy film, watch Centurion. If you want to waste two hours of your life that you will never get back, by all means, watch this.

  5.  Poor Poor Poor


    Shocking.. truley shocking.. the cinematics are good.. the one player is ok.. but the multiplayer is a big let down.. issues creating account, cant find any servers and when it does its very poor quality and worse gameplay.

    maybe one to consider after a few patches but not now