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  1.  f60 wireless gamepad


    this thing is the best controller i have ever used in racegames.
    perfect control .
    after 1 fall of my desk the L1 button already came off , so the quality of the controller it self is fairly poor if compared with the original ps3 controller , wich has fallen some 4 times without a single scratch.
    when thrustmaster resolves the durability it gets a 5 star rating.
    now only 3 stars.

  2.  another geat ww2 game


    the game is a good folow up to the past brothers in arms series.
    only there was little research done in holland, and that shows in the game scenery's wich is a litle dissapointing for me and most dutch players i guess.
    never the less great gameplay and big fun.

  3.  540c is easy in use


    i've wired my xbox 360 and playstation 2 to the control center and everything works great.
    the manual is easy to understand and connecting the hardware is very easy.
    next thing i will add to it will be the game cube , but the component cable from nintendo costs € 75,- so i wait to this cable gets cheaper.

  4.  total fun all the time


    the starwars saga is the ultimate role playing/platform game there is.
    controller setting are so easy that you dont have to worry you push the wrong button.
    the game itself is a very good made starwars film with you in the main title roll, as any character you want to be.
    its funny and easy to play also for adults.

  5.  starwars as it should be for kids


    Lego starwars is an good quality made game , for kids and adults. its easy to play ,controller settings are very good and the game has lots of levels .
    its also very hilarious at some times, a must buy if you like platform / role playing games.

  6.  Ultimate Force is HOT


    Ultimate Force season one and two are the best, the hand of Chris Ryan, former SAS sgt. clearly shows during these seasons.
    season 3 and 4 are almost full lengt feature films.
    still good but not that outstanding as the first two seasons .
    Ross Kemp however is absolutely brilliant!!
    the series are not shown in Holland yet and probably never will be .
    i watched the whole 8 dvd's in a weekend there are not many series that are made this good.
    its a shame that ITV stopped the series so there will never be a 5th season.
    if you like a good quality series watch this one and it will come true for you.
    instant top action on the tip of the chair.
    a great Quality british series a we say in dutch .
    for the Dutch:
    Goede serie een echte aanrader als je van goede actie houd.
    8 dvd's lang instant actie met Ross Kemp.
    een britse top acteur.
    Chris ryan voormalig SAS lid heeft de eerste 2 seizoenen als adviseur en acteur meegedaan ,en dat is zeker te zien.
    seizoen 3 en 4 zijn afleveringen die even lang zijn als een goede film.
    continue actie en sensatie een goede degelijke britse serie.

  7.  RO Rules


    Red Orchestra a fantastic WOII shooter with intense tank battles and infantry clashes.
    i'm member of the dutch JFF clan who play's this game every monday and thursday night online.
    unfortunatly there are few dutch players of this intense realistic game.
    so please joins us @ clan JFF dot NL
    the custom maps are getting of the ground and many servers rotate them quite oft nowdays.
    so whats stopping you buy the game and start playing NOW!!