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  1.  Fantastic value at £200


    Nice panel producing great pictures.
    USB is great. Plays Avi files. Perfect for your downloads.
    3 HDMI ports.
    One day sale price and Quidco gets this TV for 195 gbp.

    Sound is pretty poor. Base at max is still not enough.


    At his price there can be no other rating than 5 stars. An absolute bargain.
    Fixing the stand to the tv is not as the instructions say...but is
    Quite easy.

    Really happy with this.

    Let me also highlight the fantastic customer service. Great communications and a pleasure to deal with.

  2.  Brooks at the top of his game!


    As a fan of the Zombie genre and having just read the original "Dawn of the Dead" from Romero and Sparrow I though that this would never compare to the master's original tale.
    I was wrong. This is the type of book that you pick up and do not want to put down. Fantastic. A modern masterpiece.
    Brooks truly at the top of his game.
    Have no doubt. This is a classic.
    My only real problem is figuring out how I would have survived the war.

  3.  I liked it.....


    I watched this despite being told it was pretty poor. Being a fan of the genre and especially Romero's work ever since I was scared rigid as a 14 year old watching Dawn of the dead.
    Although slow paced (nothing like the recent remake of Dawn) and slower than Land of the dead it still managed to grab my attention.
    Typical Romero in that the movie does have a commentry on today's society.
    Are we worth saving?
    If u like Romero you will like this film.

    Buy it.

  4.  The Club. Become a member.


    I actually really enjoyed this game. For an old school, beat your high score shooter this is fantastic.
    Sure it does not stand up to games like Halo, COD4 or even Black on the xbox. The point is it doesn't intend to.
    Short burst of frantic gameplay. Magic.
    On-line this is also quite a good game. Try and get this for the lowest price possible and you will enjoy it even more.