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  1.  A pioneer in HD Video!


    The remastering is without doubt one of the best ever seen! The sound exceeds the expectations, the atmosphere is beyond discussion, an apotheosis of colours, in other words PURE PERFECTION!

  2.  Picture quality qualified!


    To be honest i had my doubts bying this film in blu-ray, but i took the risk. Seems that i was lucky! The picture quality exceeds my expectations. OK, the CGI is old, you can see the difference between old and new digital movies but trust me it is amazing! The colours, the dolby surround, everything... love it!

  3.  wow!!!


    One thing is for sure! The japasene know how to play with our eyes!
    Superior screen quality, cgi up to heaven, great story, dolby surround etc etc
    Not to mention the characters! All epic!

  4.  Pic, Sound, Plot, Atmosphere.... everything!!!


    Outstanding EVERYTHING!
    Amazing EVERYTHING!
    Awesome EVERYTHING!
    Nothing more to add!

  5.  Conclusion!


    This movie is one of a kind! In other words a MASTERPIECE !

  6.  Strange story


    I always admire the work of the japanese animators! Their sories (in general) are very strange, full of fantasy but they hide pieces of truth and of course the distant future is very close to us which is something that fascinates me!
    Time travel was always (and still is) a matter of discussion, reffering to the fact that maybe someday we will be able to do it. History will change dramatically and this is something we must be aware of.
    But the story has to do with the good part and the innocence of a girl who cannot undestand why has the power to do it. Time will give her the chance to change her destiny, her life, her everything!
    Classic anime, different from the others, don't miss a minute otherwise you will lose the meaning of the sory!

  7.  Oh My GOD!


    Finally! The comeback we always expected and wanted from Nightwish!
    Floor Jansen's voice is angelic and stunning, combined perfectly with the amazing EPIC GOTH MUSIC of the band! For all fans, for all those who trully support the change, buy this one! New sound, new voices, new everything!
    BRAVO Thomas! Your choises were reached excellence!

  8.  Oh My God!


    Words cannot describe this epic movie and one of the most historical classic ever filmed! The restoration is one of a kind! Some cinephiles said that they prefer the original one! But trust me, the restoration really hepls the movie to stay forever classic! And through this process old movies achieved perfection!

  9.  Oh My God!


    Trully magnificent work for the production, an artistic spectacle, a feast of colours, an amazing soundtrack which comdined perfectly to image, an impressive continuity of the places, of different reliegious and the variety of the everyday life! The restoration far exceeds our expectations and on blu-ray there is nothing but PURE PERFECTION!

  10.  A masterpiece finally completed in HD!


    I never thought that tecnology would ever make it possible bringing this masterpiece into our TV screens so beautifly edited and finally completed! The final pieces of the puzzle are here to show us the original and amazing work that Fritz did so many decades ago! It's difficult for the majority of people to see a silent movie nowadays but believe me, Metropolis remains a "state-of-the-art" artistic masterpiece which can finally complete your classic collection! Buy it and you will see the magnificence of these minds who were behind the cameras! The movie is the complete version, the edited image reaches the limits of perfection, the non-edited image remains unfortunately badly BUT SAVED!