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  1.  ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz!


    ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz! Boring!! Save a couple of hours of your life and watch paint dry!!

  2. inFamous



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     Wanna be a superhero/super villian?


    Fantastic game, graphics are mind blowing!! Its GTA IV with a super hero twist, who doesnt want to be a superhero hey?? This game lets you experience just that! This game is immense it's just like a Hollywood blockbuster movie that you're apart of. Best game i've played in ages. Just finished the game as a good guy, now i'm gonna try the bad side!! A+++

  3.  The take down!!!


    Fantastic!! Played the demo, could get well into this game when it comes out! 100% better than Wrestling Legands which was clumsy!! Come on the COUNT!!

  4.  ZZZzzzzzzzzz!! Try before you buy!!


    Before you waste your cash, try the demo first. Played the demo on PSN, what a big let down!! nothing special at all, which is a shame as I am a big fan of the pitch black/Riddick series, the fighting style feels very clumsy, as a FPS game it is nowhere in the same league as COD4/COD5, which is the benchmark!!

  5.  Harry who???


    I'm 30 years old and picked this book up by mistake a few years ago, I have now read the whole 12 books and can't wait to start them all over again! I've also got 4 of my 30 something friends into these books too, and they are finding it hard to put them down. The books on their own can be quite short and be read in a sitting or two but once you put the whole of them together and see how Darren has changed from book one to book three and onwards is fantastic!! Can't wait for the film coming out in 2009! Harry who???

  6.  Awesome!!!!


    I hate politics and I especially hate American politics, which this book is almost all about, but once I got past that and I got caught into a great story that kept me hooked page after page. This book is awesome!! Jack is da man!!!

  7.  Not too bad!!


    This is a good book if you want an over view of how to get started. There are lots of tips and facts that will help you start your masterpiece. This book doesn't really go into great detail about crafting your main characters or sub characters, conflicts or plot points or story arcs. I read a good book from the teach yourself range called 'Screenwriting', this is good for the 3 act structure, conflicts, set ups, set backs and climaxes, it really helps with character development in all aspects.

  8.  Dull as diswater!!!!


    I love dido, i saw her live at the brixton academy a couple of years back, she was fantastic. I was so looking forward to the next album, but this is a big let down!! The music sounds like it's just from a crapy kids keyboard!! This is a dull album and i dare you to remember just one song!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

  9.  Christmas Turkey!!!


    If you're skint this Christmas and can't afford a proper Turkey, this film should do! Darren Aronofsky owe me 30 mins of my life back as that's all I could bother to waste on this turkey! Waste your money on something else, get this through play and trade instead and you won't waste £5!!

  10.  Stack-tastic!!


    I got this as I have lots of equipment under my tv, now I can protect my PS3 and place my V+ box nicely on top, now my equipment is looking nice and tidy. Great item, don't expect too much though it's basically a large plastic shell to place your PS3 into so you can place something else on top. There are also slots on top if you want to place your games/dvds in but this is a great peice of kit for tidying the space under the TV. Great buy!!