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  1.  Brilliant stuff


    I had a Wii for about 6 months before I became bored with it after playing the few good games there are available, I soon realised that the controllers were not that responsive and all the actions were a bit hit and miss.,
    Not with Move and Sports Champions though, all the games are great, brilliant graphics, and have that essential one more go factor, I like the frisbee golf in particular. Every little movement is transfered into the game even slight little flicks of the wrist....it really feels like a frisbee and behaves like one.
    The Wii is in trouble now I feel and I can't see the much more expensive Kinnect matching the precision. Really looking forward to the the more hardcore games embracing Move in the future.

  2.  Enjoy!


    You know, sometimes it's just good to sit back and enjoy a game for what it is, ENTERTAINMENT. Lot's of negative reviews here but at the end of the day it's good entertainment, not all games have to be analyzed for level design, difficulty etc etc.
    Alan Wake is a great psychological thriller, sure you might not want to play through it again and again, but thats what other games are for. We shouldn't get caught up and judge all games by the same set of rules.
    Great game, I enjoyed it much more than Heavy Rain.
    Play it, trade it and move on with fond thoughts

  3.  Fantastic, No Plastic!!


    This album is great, so many fantastic tunes.
    Not sure why it has divided so many people? Damon is a master at creating instantly enjoyable music. True there are a wide variety of musical styles but none that should be new to people who would buy a Gorillaz album.
    Bobby Womack, Lou Read, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, and Mark E.Smith, wow what a line up!
    Ignore all the negative reviews, if you like Think Tank then you'll love this.
    And, yes it comes in a cardboard sleeve with no plastic jewel case, but isn't that the point. Plastic Beach, pollution, global warming, surely no more plastic cases is a good thing?

  4.  Gaming of the highest order


    What an amazing game. From beginning to end it keeps you addicted.
    Bayonetta could be the saviour of the modern video game, this is how I remember playing games made me feel when I first stated playing them.
    It's cool, fun, you have to have one more go and there is so much to do and collect which demands multiple play through's. When Microsoft introduced gamerscore's it was to induce the the level of dedication to a game to get people to keep playing a game to get the most out of it when games developers were becoming lazy. Sega have rekindled that feeling with the game itself rather than the gamerscore.
    Everyone should buy this game full stop.
    Play from beginning to end on Normal difficulty and then start again on Hard and again and again, the collectables, weapons and costumes are worth every blistered thumb and late night.
    Shout it from the roof tops

  5.  Absolutely Brilliant


    Wow, what a racing game. I was getting bored of all the Grid and Dirt arcade americanisms forcing me to take part in races I have no interest in (trucks!!). Forza 3 is addictive and compelling. The in-car view is sublime, recommended to anyone who loves serious racing (just keep the finger away from the rewind button!)

  6.  good by me


    I've also read bad reviews of this recorder, but have no problems myself. It needs a bit of tweeking with the settings to get the best out of the image quality, as does all hdtv's and gadgets plugged into them. Maybe it's because i have a samsung LCD that i can get the best out of it. Definately a good buy for the money, makes good copies onto DVD too.