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  1.  Not fast paced, but tells a great story


    I bought this as I was looking to increase my HD anime collection and this looked good.

    The story as the synopsis will tell you is about two samurai at odds with one another - one of them a terribly gifted ronin out to make his fortunes and the other a highly skilled trainee in a high profile martial arts school.

    The adversay begins when the ronin sweeps in looking for an easy fight and gets more than he bargained for, a struggle for him to become accepted and dominate this prestigious school of martial arts.

    The good:
    The ambience is brilliant, sounds of the cicadas as well as the colour scheme used to highlight facial features and gore and keep the backgrounds faded and out of the action so you dont have thousands of colours thrown at you at once.
    The voice acting and plot was enthralling however this is not fast paced and episodes can go buy without so much as a sword strike or much dialogue.

    The bad:
    As a blu-ray this was disappointing, the colour scheme however great does not suit blu-ray as the softer paletted colours are just as vibrant on DVD quality rips.

    Slow paced drama with some particularly disturbing scenes of a sexual nature which although add to the intruige, some viewers may find this offensive and unneccesary.

    In my honest opinion if you want to view this and are undecided between a DVD rip and BLU-RAY and money is an issue, go DVD however if like me and you dont care then buy it anyway! for an anime bluray this is fairly cheap.

  2.  Memories of the original


    After reading reviews of this game I was afraid it wouldnt live up to the first game (lets face it, the second game never happened)

    Voice acting 6/10: Forget what you've seen in the trailers, they really did pick the best bits. In actuality A.Jenson sounds like your average action movie stereotype, D. Sarif is a little more emotional but really when you're basing your conversation actions on their speech and demeanor it gets a little difficult.

    Graphics: 8/10 - you can definatly see Eidos/SE didnt pull out the big guns interms of graphics, whilst it still looks crisp and the models for weapons are good, enemies can look bland and samey as well as some of the augs equipped to people, however this is to be expected with a game with this magnitude of actionable objects

    Actions: 10/10 - I love the hacking, even if the tutorial isnt as complex with its explanations, as well as the take downs weapons/mods and consumables. Almost every NPC you can get a comment from. Just like the trailer you can punch through walls too! :D

    Weapons 7/10: a good supply of weapons, mostly automatic and very precise, the choice of controls wasnt the best and unlike the first game there are no melee weapons but then, who needs those when you have a sword attached to your arm?

    Story: 7/10 - The first game had a mix of intrigue, espionage and subversion. This game tends to be quite predictable in terms of storyline however it does tie in nicely with the original games/canon as well as bring up old enemies. Its kept me interested

    Overall i've given this a PLAY rating of 5/5. There are always things we can think of that developers can do better but honestly playing through this, the only thing i could think of was sneaking up fire-escapes and hacking crap which brought back some great memories of the first game.

    A Must for Deus Ex fans, A Must for anyone who loves the stealth/espionage genre

  3.  they're ok, and the price reflects that


    for 11.99 you wouldnt expect anything too fantastic and you're right,

    the headset is nice, a little on the heavy side but thats fine, its pretty comfy i suppose. takes time to grow on you, the sound is pretty good actually and the bass isnt too bad inside the headphones.

    what the product description doesnt read is that they are 2 x 3.5mm jacks for your soundcard and not USB, which i thought they might be but pleasantly surprised.

    worth the money, not worth more than 20 quid at best,

  4.  good for your money


    This card is great for your money, in benchmark testing it didnt fair as well as the 8800 thats true, but only a fraction behind, no less than 10 frames on any of the top games out there like crysis.

    But if your going to sli these puppies then i would tell you to do so, they far outshine the 8800 in that respect.

    Also a better card than the 9800gt :p but hey, slower texture fill rate but faster everywhere else