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  1.  Why?


    I have just gone to the 'darkside' and bought a PS3 and now having played PES on both consoles feel i have to write a review. Obviously single player is great,m really fun and enjoyable. Master League is quite detailed and it will take a while to get bored, and when you do, there is Become A Legend to keep you entertained. My major problem with this which is why it only gets 3 stars, is that, even with my 12mb internet connection where i can play every game from COD:MW2 to Halo 3 to Dirt 2 etc, PES2010 lags ALL THE TIME. Everyone seems to have a bad connection, and its really unplayable when there is a 3 sec delay sometimes, for example: you press pass then it takes a few seconds for your player to actually pass, or you pull down to run right and it takes ages to turn. Its very rarely you get a game where it is smooth. On the otherhand i have just played it online for the PS3, nd its perfect online, no skipping or lagging. I dont understand why Xbox cant sort it out.

  2.  Everyday Demons = Classic!


    Wow, thats all I can say. After thier amazing debut you wonder/hope that they can beat it, Im not gonna say that they have beat 'Rise' but they have certainly matched it. This is one of those albums that grows on you the more you listen to it, so i would advise giving it a few proper listens to really get into it, but once you do, you realise that, like 'Rise', there is'nt a bad song on the album. Where as 'Rise' had alot of memorable guitar riffs in it, i would say 'Everday Demons' has alot of memorable vocals in it, and i would also say 'Everyday Demons' is not as heavy as 'Rise' for that reason. You will find alot of catchy and hooky vocal lines and find yourself singing along like a long haired 70's rockstar. Also I was lucky to see these live at Download 2009 and they live up to expectations. Overall if you like 'Rise' you will probably like 'Everyday Demons'. If your new to the band this is rock inspired by Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, and other classic rock bands like that.

  3.  Reliable


    A good album from Dream Theater, you know what you are gonna get with them (which may be a bad thing for some people), so if you like any of their Rudess era albums then you will probably like this one, unless your expecting change. This album is probably not as good as any of the albums from Scenes Of A Memory up to Systematic Chaos, but it is still worth a listen. Rite Of Passage and Count Of Tuscany are my favourate songs, the other songs are very good but not mindblowing and that is why it gets 4 stars instead of 5.

  4.  Nowhere near as good as his first three albums,


    I was slightly dissapointed when i heard this but with more and more listens i must admit it has started to grow on me, but i still think 'The Slim Shady LP', 'The Marshall Mathers LP', and 'The Eminem Show' are far more superior than this album and Encore. Its still enjoyable though, my favourate tracks are 'We Made You', 'Medicine Ball', My Mom', 'De Ja Vu' and the 'running joke' Steve Berman skit (as someone mentioned in anot her review) which is hilarious. I hope Relapse II can better it!

  5.  One of the best metal albums ever!!


    The say the classic 'Reign In Blood' by Slayer is the heaviest album ever, but for me this is even heavier!! This monster of an album has everything, insane trade off solo's, gigantic riffs, and angry emotional vocals, every song is 5 star. My favourite moments are the vocal performance by Flynn on 'Aesthetics Of Hate' (i'm sure everyone knows the story by now), the guitar solo's on every song but in particular 'Halo' and 'Clenching The Fists Of Dissent', and also the drumming. I'm no drummer but the drums really stand out, they say McClain is one of the best drummers around and its easy to see why. Another thing i like is the production of the album, when you listen to this through headphones its even better! especially 'Clenthing The Fists Of Dissent' which is really atmospheric and sends shivers down my spine.

    Overall, buy this album, now!!

  6.  Work of a genius


    This album shows that Frusciante is a genius, whether its his wide ranging vocals or his gentle and soulful guitar playing. It seems to get better with every listen and you realise the brilliance of songs such as the slow and beautiful 'Before The Beginning', the warm 'God', and the powerful 'Central'. For me 8 out of the 10 songs are essential listening.

    The only negative for me is that sometimes it seems repetitive, eg. the song 'Dark/Light', the last 5 min of the song is the same 'riff' over and over again, it is a good 'riff' but gets a bit tiresome after 5 mins. Also , although alot of people seem to like them, i don't like 'Song To The Siren' and 'After The End', i find they are a bit boring, but they might grow on me after a few more listens.

    Overall i think this is Frusciantes second best album (my personal favourite is 'Shadows Collide With People') and is well worth buying if you understand good music because its not necceserally the easiest album to listen too, but after a few listens you will unlock the magic of this album and you won't regret it!

  7.  Worth it if its cheap.


    I love Megadeth but was disappointed with this, i think they should of made this into two or three parts (like Iron Maiden did with 'Early Days Pt 1 -2') . The first hour basically covers Mustaines childhood up to the release of 'Peace Sells' in detail and was interesting to watch, the last half hour covers 'So Far So Good So What' up to 'The World Needs A Hero' and feels rushed and doesnt spend much time talking about the classic albums 'Rust In Peace' and 'Countdown To Extinction'. Also i know Dave use to be in Metallica and that that part of his life is important to the formation of Megadeth, but i think it went on about Metallica too much. Also to say the program is called Behind The Music, it doesnt really talk about the music much, the main themes are Drugs and Metallica. Overall, if this is cheap its worth buying cause it is interesting at times and does include some good interviews.

  8.  Best album since the Black Album


    In a sentence this album is better than Load, Re-Load, and St Anger, but not up to the standards of thier first 5 albums. It has a few stand out songs on it ('The Day That Never Comes' and 'All Nightmare Long'), but the rest of the album is just average. The only dissapointment for me is 'Suicide & Redemption' which is a bit boring. Me personally would of liked a return to thrash which is when they were at thier best.

  9.  Latin music for everyone.


    I don't think this album should be labelled as 'Latin Metal' (as many mags do) because it puts people off. When I brought this album (because it was cheap) i was pleasently suprised because i expected downtuned distorted electric guitars and screaming, but its not its Latin Acoustic Intrumental music, and its brilliant. The songs are catchy and beautiful, and it makes you want to wear a sombrero and poncho and jump around playing air acoustic guitar, because of this the album can seem a bit of a novelty item at times, but its not and these musicians are brilliant and should be taken seriously.

  10.  One of the greatest debuts in rock history.


    This album changed the music world forever, released around the same time as the Beatles 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' in 1967. 'Are You Experienced?' is an amazing album containing well known tracks such as 'Purple Haze', 'Red House', 'Foxy Lady', and 'Fire', as well as the experimental 'Third Stone From The Sun', the gental 'Wind Cries Mary', and the grinding 'Manic Depression'. Its hard to pick Jimi's best album but I would probably choose this one as my favourite.