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  1.  What a Bag of ****


    Amped 2 was awesome. This is far worse.

    The whole game is set out like a 5 year olds favorite cartoon. Why couldn't they have just focused on gameplay instead of all the poor quality stories. Also the rails are much worse now, and the jumps are harder to do.

    Useless. I only give it a two because the price is now £10, which is very cheap. However it's cheap for a reason you know...

  2.  Many Pros, Few Cons.


    I love this game.
    For me this is the best TW game, and i've played a few.
    Gameface is an amazing idea. Let's face it, everyone plays the careers and makes their character, upset when they can't get it to look more like them. This has helped massively. It might not be an identical replica of your face, but it's pretty damn good, and real easy to do.

    Gameplay is good. The fact the stats are more slow in moving up helps make it better long term, in that you don't win every tournament you play straight off.

    The sensitivity of the stick means you have to be better also, I like a game with a bit of challenge, not just a walkover.

    Freezing is the only downside. However the few times it has happened to me have been in Tiger Challenge. Since these challenges are relatively short, not too much progress is lost.

    An amazing game. Best sports game on the 360 so far.

  3.  Rushed version of PS2 game!


    The new options don't work well and need ironing out, such as superstar. Great idea, but the play calling is shocking!
    Other options are bad. Love the series, but this is a step sideways!

  4.  Good, but...


    I really enjoy playing pro evo, but sadly as with several 360 games, it seems like they rushed it and didn't bother with the details.
    In comparison with the PS2 pro evo 5 version it is a bit lacking for my liking. The data editing is bad, several options have been lost from past games.
    If you want pro evo then just wait for the next one. It's out in october :)

  5.  Good for a tennis game.


    This game is good fun for a few hours. However like all tennis games on the market it is in bad need of some further development. This game is good fun, but it quickly becomes a bit repetative.
    I look forward to a game that is more developed, maybe one where you can properly pass other players at the net!