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  1.  excellent till they broke...


    Why is it earphones always seem to break?
    I bought these earphones whilst in Vegas and they were excellent, great sound, great look. I couldn't fault them.
    That was until one day when the left one decided to stop working. Although to be fair I did use them repeatedly day in and day out for around 2-3months so take from that what you will.
    Besides the break, these were excellent earphones.

  2.  review from demo


    Not being a Halo fan at all, I approached this game expecting a poor extension to the series attempting to make more money. I can honestly say this game is way better than i thought. The gameplay is good and fun, the controls are simply and it isn't confusing at all. Unlike other RTS games where you play and think 'ok I need a mouse' the controller works well. I'm pre ordering this and I can say with much ease, I'll enjoy playing it.

  3.  Frohiki - subtitles


    In the teachnical details bit just below the review it says this..


    Dutch ; english ; spanish ; french ; german ; italian ; japanese ; korean ; portuguese ; danish ; norwegian ; swedish ; finnish" so to answer, yes ;)

  4.  if you loved the old ones, you'll love this!


    A great sequel to the best platform games ever to grace the n64! Although bringing a new concept to the table as far as the series goes, it stills keeps the great qualities that made the originals such a hit! If you enjoyed the N64 ones then you'll love this!

    For those who never heard of BK before (which is common because the originals lived in the shadow of mario 64 which imo wasn't as good as them but was more popular) then this is definately worth getting to introduce yourself!

    Heck I can't wait to download the original too! :D

  5.  Great game but not much new


    This game is amazing and if you loved gears 1 then you'll adore this.

    The first couple of acts are great! They bring so much new content to the game and really makes it feel like this is a sequel that takes a step in the right direction! You can really tell they've moved forward however....

    At around act 3 (the middle of the campaign) the game becomes pretty much a new version of gears 1. You feel as if you're playing gears 1 and that the games has lost momentum. Although the game is good throughout, after the new, exciting, fast paced act 1 and 2, the games seems to revert back to the previous title and it just slows down and becomes the same old same old. For example, in around act 3 you walk around a compound/warehouse that's full of wretches and it's basically a rip from the first gears where you walk around the lambent mines.

    That isn't to say it's bad, i mean gears 1 is awesome and this game rocks, i just wish they'd kept the same momentum that the first two acts had.

    Overall the game is awesome and a must have however don't expect much of an improvement.

  6.  Not his best.


    The book is good and worth reading however it isn't his best! I found it a little boring at times and it didn't make me want to read it as much as his other works have. I'd recommend it nonetheless but don't expect another Angels and Demons.

  7.  perfect!


    I bought this product from Cablestar for the sole purpose of connecting my xbox 360 to my router....works perfectly! The item was posted out on the second working day after I ordered it and it arrived on the third working day! Awesome delivery! =D.

    Wireless adapter = £50
    10m ethernet cable = £3.50

    Clearly the latter is the better choice! Excellent value for money and I'd recommend it for anyone who doesn't wish to pay the extra for a wireless adapter.

    Like the guy said below, the whole thing is grey and not black but still, can't go wrong! =D.

    A must must must buy for all xbox live fans! =]

  8.  Awesome!


    This book is a fantastic read! I've found it takes a real effort just to put it down! Fantastic twists, amazing story and all round good read! Don't worry about any of the technical physics stuff, it's all explained =P

  9.  Best documentary by far!


    I really enjoyed this film! It is definately worth watching as it gives a good insight into what we actually eat from Mcdonalds. I never ate in there before but I definately don't now! Not only does it give Mcdonalds what it deserves but it also looks at the other social problems with obesity.
    I particularly like when he is showing kids pictures of famous people and they all seem to know the likes of Wendy and Ronald Mcdonald but none of them seems to know who Jesus is. One child guesses that he is George W. Bush. Haha!
    Morgan Spurlock is a genius! A must see!