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  1.  Poor


    Ugly visuals, looks dated when compared to many other modern FPS. Sloppy game play and level design, weapons handling is awkward and feels too rough coupled with very frustrating game play, majority of game is spent following AI team mates through simple corridor shooter levels. The shortest single player I have played to date, the end comes when it feels like things are just about to pick up. High point; flying the chopper level before the last. Low point first 2/3 of the game and do-or-die/mission fail objectives e.g. shoot marked targets only in time limit, catch vehicle before it leaves and shoot down chopper. NOTE: I have not played the multi-player but I dont expect anything ground breaking or measurably entertaining.

  2.  Need more Hot Pursuit


    The first few hours of play are entertaining and the new ideas in the game spice things up at times but you soon find yourself repeating the same tracks but in reverse with different cars. Also there are a lack or Race, Duel and Hot Pursuit missions and too many Rapid Response, Preview and Time Attack races. You will win a viarity of new cars after almost every race but the inability to customise your vehicle leaves you focusing on the top speed rather the car itself and winning more are just more to ignore. Races typically start and end the same: Start at the back and struggle for the whole race right up to the last mile where you'll just snatch 1st. The dull parts of any Burnout game mixed with the heavy handling of Need for Speed.

  3.  Pretty good


    I was pleasantly suprised, not really any huge stars in it but the acting is top notch and the plot isnt any thing new but it doesnt stop it from being a wicked thriller.

  4.  I love it


    I personally think this is a brilliant game. The Single player isnt really long but I think people forget that if it was 15 hours long it would be intensly boring due to the style of the game. There is only so much that can be done with halo in this game becuase of the story its set in but its managed well so your not just playing halo 3 all over again. It has some fresh ideas!

    I havent properly played firefight yet but it looks wicked fun.

  5.  Did James Wong..


    Did James Wong...actually watch the original Drangon Ball cartoon series?!

    This is awful, sucked from start to finish and the actors they chose didnt match the characters at all.

  6.  Size Matters...


    and this movie is HUGE!

    Brillant, love'd it as a kid, love it now!

  7.  What the heck?


    What is with all the 2 star reviews?!

    This film is brilliant. I think people fail to see that it isnt meant to be anything like the old ones its a stretch into a totally new universe of terminator, does anyone realise how much it would have sucked if it was just like all the the 3rd?

    Its an all action film, bringing you exacally what youve been wanting to see since that 1st scene in T2...the future.

    Bale is bale, he plays depressive, serious, dark and moody characters. A lot of actors have one role they are meant to play thats just how it is...and in all fairness Bale fits the role of the future John Connor perfectly so people cannot really fault his acting because thats the role he's meant to play....and he plays it brilliantly.

    It has all new ideas not seen in any other films.
    I saw this twice and was blown away both times, so I would buy it. If your a fan of the old Terminator films and the post-apocalyptic then get it, just dont hope for a classic Terminator.

  8.  Good Film...


    Good apocalyptic thriller and a one of Nicholas Cages better modern performances.

    Hasnt got 5 stars because the ending is totally random and a tad corney but the rest of the film picks it up.

  9.  Just Lacking...


    The visuals are stunning, the controls and finishing moves are much improved and fun and the online is pretty fun but otherwise this game isnt that good.

    The story mode is short and easy and the endings are all very similar, the "Adventure" mode doesnt live up to the 2nd SC and the character creation is aweful, simply becuase you have to coat your character in crappy armor so that he or she has good fighting stats.

  10.  Why its Getting Slated...


    this film gets so many bad reviews not because it is a bad film, but simply becuase people look at the front cover and expect a guns blazing action film. When in fact its a espionage thriller much like the bourne identity. So if your in the market for mindless action then this is not for you but if you want a good thiller with a deep story then...buy