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  1.  Xbox 360 Elite FTW!


    Ok this is simply the best console out their, anyone who says ps3 is better honistly dont know what their talking about...

    Reason why this is the best console out there...
    Massive memory
    Massive games libary including not only the most games ov the 3 consoles but also the best games, halo 3, gears of war 1 & 2, pgr 3 & 4 etc, and loads ov others and the grapics are a bit better to because ov the more powerfull gpu in it
    Nearly all the new games play in 1080p and only a few ps3 games do
    The controllers are better then ps3
    The online is completly unmatched in every aspect

    Ok the 360 dosnt have blueray, boohoo so what? Id rather pay 3 or 4 quid for a normall dvd then spend 20 quid on 1 blueray dvd... Maybe when blueray dvds reduce in price a ps3 might be worth a buy for blueray dvds but not so much 'gaming'

    Xbox 360 elite is the best of the best and is well worth the money iv had an xbox 360 from day 1 and its been turned on every day no joke, but make sure you try and get xboxlive because its truly amazing.
    Thanks for reading :)

  2.  shockingly bad


    'Terrable'... The only word to describe it, by far the worst c&c yet, every aspect of this so called 'game' is bad. The graphics, gameplay and story. Dont bother buying it its honistly a joke of a game..... If its an rts u want for the 360 i would recomend c&c kanes wrath witch is an excellent c&c tital.

  3.  AMAZING!


    Damm this games so amazing, 1 ov if not the best single player games iv ever played along with deadspace, its so epic its unreal, so much better then gears of war 1 witch was also great. The online is ace aswell, its even got matchmaking now! Its not just a shotgun fest online now, the lancer it actully used alot now lol. 5 Stars!

  4.  Very nearly a 5 star


    ok this expansion is alot better then C&C 3 the grapics, gameplay, story, global conquest and of corse the online multiplayer. the new subfactions are awsome, good to see that EA wanted to take the Zero Hour style, the new epic units are also awsome and are so fun to use! a reedemer crushing mammoth tanks, priceless! ok now to the flaws, its mainly the mutiplayer that has problems mainly because of some of the unballenced units. tbh its not GDI or NOD realy its mainly Scrin and the Scrin subfactions. 1 ov those units is the cultists, a group of mind controll alien/men that can take controll of any unit on the ground (except epics) i just feel they are way to unballenced because the cultists health is way to much, and they jus run away and dont die easly enouth. anouther unit is the mechapede, tbh this unit is rediculos...as its dieing you can just rebulid it..thats so unballenced. there are a few other units and upgreads like the blue flames and black disypals upgreads on the black hand faction. but most of the overpowerd stuff is mainly on Scrin. EA need to realise a patch soon because the game is very unballenced online. but overall the game is awsome and after a ballence patch it will be even better!

  5.  not bad


    its a good game to play but i feel its 2 much like the
    first game, the grapics and gameplay are basicly the same. the single player is pritty fun and has a good storyline but tbh im not keen on the multiplayer. the online seems to laggy and gets very boring. id say its an average fps but not all its cracked up to be trust me.

  6.  I hate this game.....


    this games awafull, the campaigns stupidly short and the graphics r terrable. the online play is so repetitive and boring. americans have a MASSIVE advantage over u because of host advantage, u die in like 1 but punch its so annoying and granades are so stupuid and take no skill at all. the maps are terrable and the eqipmant is stupid and annoying ur jus about 2 kill sum1 and they put a bubble shild down...thats not halo. i got COD 4 and played that for about 3 monthes and then went back 2 halo 3 for a quick go and god i relised how much better the gameplay is on COD 4. halo 2 online was amazing back in its day and halo 1s single player was but halo 3 is such a let down, only makeing the biggist game in history 9 missions...wat the hell.... the only good thing i can think is the 1st 5 missions are good....and thats about it....2 be honist i cant play this game its so repetitive and annoying. i recomend getting COD 4 its so amazing the gameplay, graphics singleplayer and mutiplayer are so much better. AVOID and save ur mnoney!

  7.  Good game


    ok this is a good game but i dont understaind y so many people have left it 5 stars, dont get me wrong i like the game its just it gets so repetive online and offline. the single players good 4 a while but then u relise all ur doing is shooting the same monsters, then more oh and then more... it gets so boring, the online is good but can also be repetetive, u start rush and the hole match will be shotguning people every game, the game also lacks weponds and game types. the good things are the graphics are the best ur see in years and the gameplays realy smooth and works well, the storys very good and the charicters are amazing, the AI is pritty good and of corse the chainsaw. its worth buying but i just dont think its a full 5 stars.

  8.  Amazing...simple as


    this films incredible, iv never realy watched tranformers b4 or been a fan but when i saw this i was blown away, ignore the guy who gave it 1 star, how the hell can sum1 give this film 1 star lol. i recomend buying NOW, 5 STARS!

  9.  Its a fun addictive RTS game


    This game is very fun and addictive, the graphics are stunning 4 an RTS, ppl who say this games awfull rele dont no wat their on about. the single player isnt bad storys pritty good and the cut scenes r cool. the online is fun can get a bit repetative at times bcos theirs only 3 teams but on the other hand can be very addictive when ur on a win streak ;), the gameplay is amazing so smooth and the controll system is alot better the LOTR BFME 2, overall a damm good game 4 STARS!

  10.  Its ok


    this games good if u play it 1nce after that it will jus sit on ur shelf bcos its 1 ov those games u complete in like a day or 2 then never play again. the online is AWFUL so stupid the game designers put an online on this game makes no sence its terrable, but is worth 18 quid. my advice is rent it dont bother buying.