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  1.  Impressive.


    This is what the wii needs at the moment a decent adventure action game. Based between the 3rd and 4th movie, u play as Darth Vaders Evil apprentice. The game uses an immense physics engine to give you the real feel of weilding the force. Please buy Star Wars The Force Unleashed for the wii, we need developers to make more mature titles for the console. The game is excellent and you wont go wrong with only paying £29.99 for it. The wii remote is used for both ur motion and force powers via the nunckuck. Jab, Swipe and Throw your lightsabre with motions of the remote. I cant recommend this enough.

  2.  Only... the worst out of the bunch!


    Only Yesterday is apart of the Studio Ghibli films. The collection usually offers something unique or magical. When you've watched 'Grave of the Fireflies' you think the same director would put as much sole into Only Yesterday as with Grave of the Fireflies. No he did not! Only Yesterday offers a bland palette of browns, greys and occasional dashes of colour. Even though the film is meant to offer you a feeling of nostalgia it actually is very boring to watch. I watch films as a form of escapism, and don't particulary want to be reminded of every day life. Only Yesterday is nothing like the others in the collection, it is a souless, boring shell that detracts rather than inspires. The only enjoyable aspect of the film was the two different storylines. However, these arn't incredibly paced well and begin to bore half way through the film.
    Only Yesterday is a coming of age film that requires you to watch something without colour. Buy the film If you want to complete the collection like me, watch it once and let it gather dust as thats as great as it gets.

  3.  Wii Zapper - Annoyingly inaccurate


    This is just an oversized piece of rubbish that is clunky, inaccurate and is nothing like the g-con guns for the PS2. I bought this gun hoping to use it to play Resi UC and Ghost Squad when it comes out, however I do not recommend playing UC with this piece of plastic as the buttons are postioned in ackward places so your better off using the more traditional FPS wii setup instead. The reason why I have saved this from a one star as it includes Links Crossbow training, this package is in a similar vein to Wii sports as it tries to introduce you to the package. Overall, its not gr8, your better off putting the money towards a wii game or more wii contollers. :)

  4.  Endless Fun!


    Even though not everyones cup of tea, this is definately a game recommended. The reason being is that it is published by Nintendo so you know its guna be good. Secondly, you wouldnt get this on any other console. Within Endless Ocean you take the role of a diver who has to persuade his/her diving buddy to get in the water. Even though this is probably one of the best looking wii games to date, the game is more suited to the casual audience of gamers. The underwater environments are amazing, stretching out towards the murky depths of the coral reef and spanning across the blue lagoon. The only small problem with the game is it won't win any awards for scriptwriting, as it probably contains some of the worst dialogue I've seen in a while.
    I've given this game a 5 star rating, even though the script won't win any major awards the concept of diving and interacting with the underwater environment with the wii mote is refreshing and new. The graphics are detailed and amazingly realistic, using a depth of field effect which is really effective. This is game I recommend for everybody!

  5.  Jon Woo Wooed again!


    Its the greatest game evr! Graphics r unreal. Definately revommend.