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  1.  touching


    if you have not seen this I suggest you but it, it's one of the best heart wrenching films I've seen, the ending is epic and tragic. Defo worth buying and watching again and again but be warned have a big box of tissues your gonna need them!!!

  2.  Awful


    I had to put this movie off half way through because John Hannah's charterer was very very annoying and very very fake!! it's hard to believe he's a real person because no one acts or speaks like that, it really got on my nerves so I had to put it off, I think if they had had a different charterer for the romantic lead with a different believable personalty it would have been a good chick flick!!

  3.  borining


    was a bit blah really!! nothing much of anything happens!!

  4.  good but not as good as the first one


    went to the cinmea 2 see this and had hight hopes, wasn't disappointed cuz over all its an azmaing fillm but wasn't as good as number one and I felt it lacked something but I cant put my finger on waht! will still be buying it thouhgh as i'm a huge twilight fian!!

  5.  best movie i've seen in ages!!


    well I wasn't sure if this film would be my cup of tea so I bought it cheap too see and oh my gosh what can I say I WAS BLOWN AWAY! the story is amazing and the acting is better. its a big one with the teens but at 23 it had all I want, Love, comodey, horror and had me crying at some parts. highly recomend you too see this.

  6.  hmmmmmmmm!!


    just watched this on t.v been wanting to see it for ages, was nothing special it's a perfect film for a sunday afternoon where u want something smiple, typical chick flick!

  7.  amazing


    I loved this movie, a lot of people have said to me that its not as good as the orginal so bought this double pack so I could find out and even if I don't like it at least I have one of my fave films on dvd

  8.  best dance album in a long time


    if i could give this ten stars I would, a totaly amazing album I was in two mind about buying it cuz sometimes albums like this can lack something but there is not one bad song on here!! BRILANT!

  9.  ok


    I love charmed and don't have a bad word to say bout it but one thing I never understood is y Chris so so blimmin nasty and multipive...he is after all Pipers son!

  10.  Not what I excpted


    I would describe this as the american verson of love actually the way the story focus on diffrent couples and there loves lifes ect!! I really enjoyed it tho! A total chick flick!!