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  1.  Easy cable free connectivity


    I've been using a AV200 HomePlug adapter for the purpose of connecting my ethernet only media devices to my router upstairs. It does the job but the throughput isnt amazing with the old wiring in my house.

    After trying the AirTies 4420UK-TV it does a very good job at passing multiple streams around my house. I have my PS3 streaming 1080P video from my NAS and my Media Center streaming live TV upstairs to my Xbox 360, and it coped very well. This is also a good way of increasing the speed of the PS3 "wireless" connection as the built in one is only 54mbps.

    Where this device is really useful is its pretty much plug-and-play nature, you just plug it into the devices you want to link push the AirTouch buttons and away you go! The same goes for the built in media server (which works with my DNLA enabled TV and consoles), plug in a memory stick with a video files and it gets streamed to whatever you have the other adapter plugged into. Unfortunately i could only get it to work with a FAT32 formatted drive, it just wouldnt see my NTFS drive so videos over 4GB are a no-no.

    There are advanced settings to control some of the more complicated aspects of the adapters using the supplied software disc. Advanced wireless security, Muti SSID's, Dual band wireless access point, Wireless video streaming and MESH networks and a built in firmware update to ensure they are always up to date!

    One small gripe is the mislabeling of the connection speed. While the wireless link may indeed be 300Mbps, the wired link to the router or device is only 100Mbps, which is fine for most cases but coud have been beefed up to 1Gbps so there isnt any bottleneck.

    All in all a great device if you dont want to run ethernet cables around your home and dont already have wireless N connected equipment.

    4/5 because of the low speed ethernet port.

  2.  @Wesbjnr


    do you have them plugged into an ipod touch or a iphone 3g/s? if not they wont work as the way apple microphone/headphones are built have a different connector structure that wont work in regular headphone sockets or with other phones. Hope that helps!

  3.  Rat-a-tat-tat


    Having used the original Saitek Cyborg gaming mouse for a couple of years, i can only say that this new one from Madcatz is in a different league!

    The level of customization is insane! Now i don't have particularly large or small hands but have never really got a proper good comfortable mouse before, until now!

    I did test all the attachments for maximum comfort and decided to go with the standard smooth palm-rest and the rubber grippy pinky rest. After a little bit of tweaking to the thumb-rest and palm-rest length... perfect!

    One thing to note, is the mouse is quite weighty when compared to some plastic constructed mice, even without the weights, but suits my personal taste as i ended up using 2 of the 5 included 5g weights.

    Now for the performance... The mouse has a good smooth glide the laser sensor seems to be doing a very good job at tracking the movement on most surfaces, personally i find the maximum sensitivity a little too quick so i backed it off to about half way which gives a good compromise between accuracy and speed (these can be even more finely tuned in the customization application that comes with the mouse, even going as far as adjusting vertical and horizontal sensitivity separately)

    Button presses seem to be picked up very well and I've had no erroneous clicks, The tumbwheel is a useful addition and i use it to mimic the function of the scroll-wheel as it feels more natural in some game situations. The precision aim button can have its uses but i find that by the time I've taken to press it, i could have already taken the shot with adequate accuracy, it probably makes more of a difference to those that play with full sensitivity.

    All in all this is an amazing mouse for the money.


  4.  Great


    These headphones are very versatile, including a 3.5mm cable for use when bluetooth isn't available.

    I predominantly use them on my Android phone for listening to music. The sound quality is crystal clear with both bluetooth and wired. The bass response is good, with warm mids and crisp highs. They have good sound isolation with the volume while not being as loud as the wired connection, still has some punch. They work well on as a bluetooth headset, for phone conversations, the mic is clear and the connection stable.

    I also tried them out on a windows 7 laptop with bluetooth, they connected no problem, and the inbuilt controls worked well with media player,all in all, they are a great wireless solution for music that is light, portable and comfortable with good battery life per charge of 8+ hours.

    The only real con of this is that bluetooth technology has a very slight delay, which is fine for music, but when watching video or playing games it is quite noticeable. But this can be fixed by using the 3.5mm cable provided instead of the bluetooth connection, although you cannot use the mic function when this is plugged in. Because of this i will have to deduct half a point from the total score.


  5.  Fantastic


    I received this last week and i can say its a pretty decent little netbook.

    One of the first things I noticed is the matte screen which is bright and sharp which is perfect for viewing outside (instead of the ever popular gloss screens) .

    On a similar note, the carbon fiber finish on this netbook is great, looks slick while not attracting those horrible fingerprints that most of the gloss finishes on similar models seem to do.

    The keyboard, while small, is comfortable and very easy to type on and took no time at all to get used to. The Touchpad is multitouch so has 2 finger scrolling and pinch zoom on web pages etc...

    The web cam is decent quality, works well in lower light conditions and comes with an application that can apply a bunch of "effects" to the webcam output.

    The battery seems to last for a decent amount of time and recharging is very quick.

    Windows 7 Starter performs well on the 1GB RAM provided, but if you want that extra boost, i would recommend buying yourself a 2GB stick. Changing it is easy, only requiring a small panel on the underside of the laptop to be unscrewed.

    Overall a great bit of kit for the money,


  6.  This is one slick bit of kit!


    Recieved this today and i must say its an absolute doddle to set up, just plug it in to your router, and away you go, using Windows 7 there was no need to install drivers to use its NAS features. I just plugged in an external USB hard drive and it was automatically detected and shared across the network.

    Connecting to it via its built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless adaptor or 10/100 Ethernet via a router was easy, either way the file transfer speed was fast and reliable. I found it especially useful that it's one of the few network devices that support NTFS drives to enable large file sharing (larger than 4GB).

    Setting it up for other functions is also a piece of cake with the easy to use web interface acessible from any browser connected to the router. Installing the Control Center Software enables a whole host of other features including Media / printer sharing and advanced configuration opions

    It also works a treat with sharing videos and music to my PS3 and 360, HD playback was smooth and jutter free over the built in wireless connection.

    This is a slick bit of kit with a great set of features, a must have for any wireless enabled home!

    5 stars!

  7.  @ stevenbar


    the reason you cannot hear sound is you will need the BLACK ATI DVI-HDMI adapter not the grey one that usually ships with these cards (also other brand adapters do not work). I had the same problem with my HD 2400 pro.

  8.  reply to redlac....


    the specs state that there is "Interfaces: VGA (HD-15)" This is the standard connector that a computer uses. If you require a DVI connection i can suggest you buy a HDMI to DVI adapter as both signals are the same. Hope that helps.

  9.  Reply to Croydon123...


    I have bought pc stuff before where the company have opened the box to put a UK plug inside instead of a Euro one. Maybe this has happened in this case...

  10.  To Clear a few things up...


    Azzers, Have you made sure that they are in a configuration that enables the Dual Channel functionality? Running them in Single Channel mode would be responsible for a huge speed decrease. Check your motherboard/computer manual on how to do this.

    AhmedZaman, Can i suggest that you check to see if your system memory is being shared to an internal graphics card. You can increase the ammount of system memory by reducing the ammount the graphics card uses (usually a bios setting), or by buying separate graphics card.

    Hope this helps...