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  1.  A true classic.


    Generally not much is known about Crazy Horse other than they have been the backing group for Neil Young on and off for the past 40 years - this album was released between Neil producing After the Gold Rush and Harvest, with the original Horse line up of Danny Whitten (Vocals), Ralph Molina (Drums), Billy Talbot (Bass), Nils Lofgren and Jack Nitzche. What they produced here is nothing short of a classic, that somehow evaded the spotlight and got nowhere near the credit and success it deserves.

    The album opens with Gone Dead Train, a harmonic yet solid rock tune. Later songs such as Beggars Day, Carolay and I'll Get By all follow a similar structure where on any other album they could be real hits. However they're overshadowed by the covers of Dance, Dance, Dance and Come on Baby Lets Go Downtown which were both written by or with Neil Young - and the 2 truley epic songs sung by Danny Whitten, Look at all the Things and the future #1 hit (all-be-it for Rod Stewart) I Don't Wanna Talk About It. Sadly, this would be Crazy Horse's only album with Danny Whitten as he died in 1972 from an overdose which lead to Neil Young producing his ditch trilogy of albums.

    As genres go there's something here for everybody with songs like Downtown covering heavy rock, Dance, Dance, Dance bordering a ho'down and love songs like Look at All The Things and I Don't Wanna Talk About It. I would - and have - recommend this album to absolutely everyone, as it's a musical experience that should not be missed out on.

  2.  A solid live album from Metallica


    Metallica were always going to struggle after the massive success of their self titled album in the early 90's, but this album turns to be something of a hidden gem. Track 1 is the full version of 'Some Kind of Monster' which can be found on the St Anger album, and track 8 is the cut down radio edit of it. However it's the live tracks in between that show what Metallica are really like... killer riffs and as much energy as any band to date. That said, it's far from perfect, the crowd appear to be completely asleep at times, most notable during sections of The Four Horsemen, and during songs like Ride the Lightning, lyrics are muddled and missed altogether... however, that's what a live album's all about - the raw, unproduced energy of the moment. If you're a Metallica fan, you won't need to be told that you need to hear it to pass your own judgement.

  3.  Wonderful


    Had this player for a few months now and have to say it's absolutely fantastic. I bought it after my Creative Zen packed in after a few heavy years use and can honestly say I wish the Zen had given up sooner.

    The sound quality is as good as my Hitachi CD player, the display is crystal clear, syncing and setup is almost too easy and especially after the brick that was the Creative Zen you notice how convenient it is to have a small, lightweight player, and it really is so light that as it says 'you won't notice you're carrying it'. The battery life is simply brilliant, charged for 3 hours seems to be worth nearly 2 days of playback, and it saves power by switching off when paused and left unused for a shortwhile (which may sound inconvenient but when you see how it switches back on instantly at a touch you'll see it's nothing but good).

    My only complaints would be that there is no mains charger to it, it can only be (as far as I know) charged by USB which isn't ideal if you want to leave it charging overnight or if you're away from home. The speed of 'creating library' after adding tracks to the player is a little sluggish although is only a one off on each occasion. Also the earphones provided I found to be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but the £5-20 spent on a decent set of earphones is easily made up for by the value for money here.

  4.  Don't Buy This Game.. (Yet)


    I've been a big fan of the fm series since 2005, and was looking forward to this game more than anything else this year.

    Unfortunatly it seems that the UK has been used as something as a guinea pig to point out the bugs and flaws before it's released elsewhere. A generic crash that occurs at random points, as well as disk and general AI issues make this game next to unplayable. Despite this the backbone of an excellent game is there, and with a beta patch avaliable some of the more serious bugs have been fixed. However, until a full patch is released I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.