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  1. GRID 2

    GRID 2

    Xbox 360

    7 New from  £8.43  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.16

     Oh dear....


    what a let down. And to rub salt in the wound there is no cockpit view. Arcade racing at best, save your money.

  2.  Just a money spinner


    Having played and very much enjoyed the first 2 this is a bit of a disappointment. The cut-scenes are too frequent, the graphics seem rushed and the control system seems to have gone backwards. Can't help feeling it's just been rushed to cash-in on the xmas market. Could have been a lot better. Tried playing it but just felt like I'd done all this before but with better settings and a bit more polish on the finished item.

  3.  This is not Forza 5


    This is just an arcade racer, which is fine if you like arcade racers. For die hard Forza fans it's a big let down. I tried very hard to like it, but it just leaves me cold, Forza 4 still does it for me and I hope Turn 10 doesn't leave it to further horizon.
    The game itself is I suppose graphically pleasing if you like shades of brown, but the cars are poor and the handling is at best vague.
    Forza fans probably won't buy this but NFS and Ridge Racer types will. Roll-on Forza 5.

  4.  Good but.......


    .....could have been better. Campaign mode is very good, nice twist on a tried and tested genre, interesting tech and a good storyline. Graphics are good but not brilliant, just feels a bit rushed. BUT.......if you look at Rainbow 6, then GRFS somehow falls short of what should have been an improvement on the original series. Rainbow 6 has stood the test of time and is still one of the best games ever made. Multiplayer is not bad but it will always get compared to COD and doesn't meet the same standard. Guerilla mode is like terrorist hunt but not in the same league, you defend a point and get over-run by baddies, no stealth involved, just frustration at being overwhelmed eventually. It's a good game, well worth buying but can't stand shoulder to shoulder with its peers. Unfortunately COD set the bar so high it will be difficult for any game of this nature to be compared on the same level. I'm still a big fan of the series but I just set my expections too high I guess.

  5.  Good effort


    Entertaining game but does get a bit repetitive, the bullet cams are enough to make the game a bit different but overall doesn't stack up to the likes of MW3 or Battlefield 3, worth buying if you like this style of game. Graphics are not cutting edge but good enough. A.I. is a bit numb for example; 3 guards in the room, shot 2, the other 1 never batted an eyelid. Overall 7/10, enjoyable up to a point.

  6.  Time Ezio retired


    I've been a big fan of this series, but I just feel it has probably run its course. The game just seems 'more of the same', it doesn't excite me the way the previous games did. What the game producers should have done is wrapped up the series with an expansion pack download. I played the first 2 chapters but after that it just left me bored, shame as it's been a brilliant series, but just dragged out more than necessary. If you've never played the others it will be a great experience, but maybe Ezio should have hung up his blades a bit sooner.

  7. Rage


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.99

     DOOM for the 21st Century


    Having been a fan of ID software for many years I was expecting good things from this, and I wasn't disappointed. Quite pleasantly surprised to find the game on 3 DVD's, but having seen the content and the way the game story is developing I can see why. ID have put a lot of effort into this game and it shows, this could end up being one of the top games of the year. Just like DOOM was when it came out - breathtaking, it really is a must buy if FPS is your thing. Get yourself an early Xmas pressie, well worth it.

  8.  Rockstar's Finest Hour


    Unbelievably good. Without doubt the finest looking game out on Xbox360 to date. Yet again Rockstar have come up trumps. Buy it now.

  9.  Just get it bought


    Best 10 quid spent on a game ever. Can't fault it. Extremely well put together game, this is how it should be. When you look at some of the over-hyped garbage about (Homefront) playing this makes you realise what can be done to offer so much for so little money. 10/10.

  10.  Scary....and then some....


    Not since the days of Doom2 has a game had such an effect on my nerves. Having played the first one and loved it, I played the demo and thought 'yeah I know what's coming here' and still I nearly shot through the roof. One of the best experiences you can have in the gaming world. Can't wait for the full version.......new undies please.