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  1.  Thank you Play.com


    the 16 ipod touch is spectaular, let me tell why your £215 will be well spent:-
    1. the facilities are endless, store so much music, download films, aplications and games (free), facebook, wireless internet, you tube, store contacts, clock calender calculator maps and moree.
    If thats not enough then the storage space 16gb is massive, get a 3gp convertor and convert to blackberry format, then you can put videos on the free of charge.
    So slim and sleek, touch and motion sensitive, typing is also so easy you wont get words wrong even if you have big hands like me *).
    Just buy yourself some quality in ear headphones and a leather case to protect the ipod. Also you can get the back ENGRAVED, valentines just around the corner so go your girlfriend deserves it. A Must buy for music and gadget lovers



    Absolutely hilarious from start to finish, the film picks up where it left off from the 1st one, i think this film is better than the first one. Only 4 star becuase im dissapointed to say there isnt gonna be a 3rd Harold and kumar :(

  3.  Great Value, Great Sound


    I recently purchased home Cinema system with my Panasonic 42"PZ81B. It was the cheapest price on Play.com, the full set provides excellent suround sound, you will have to buy a seperate hdmi cable for the viera link, also it does not come with an AUX/Audio cable so you will have to buy one seperatly if you want to watch normal T.V programmes with surround sound (a bit of a pain but still worth it). setup is time consuming (roughly 2hours) the wiring is colour coded so pretty simple, the only thing is you will have to go into the setup feature and turn the small & centre speaker on +6 which gives full sound from the suround speakers (smaller ones). the Sub woofer is quality when your watching a bond film ar playing Ps3, serious BASS. and turn on full volume i guarentee your neighbours will complain. so i still feel the setup was long but you are fully rewarded with quality DOBLY 5.1 Surround sound (PCM or Bitstream). the DVD player can play all discs too, and it will upscale to a hd format. (by the way buy a optical cable if you want to experience surround sound with your Playstation 3).

  4.  Excellent T.V


    This T.V brings true visual performance, much better than any LCD T.V because as you know LCD is liquid crystal display* and the plasma is is Gas and go into any retailer you will see the difference. I bought this T.V for £728 Brand From a play trader (Hughesdiect). well worth the money and its not over the Top big, fits perfectly in my lounge. Installation is simple and easy. Just waiting now for the Home Cinema system for that Real Visual and Audio Experience that everyone should have. A must buy at the right price.

  5.  Top Quality


    It can recieve very good picture quality for my 22" t.V with freeview and also for my Hi-Fi, it says everything and does everything it says. Only reason why its not 5star is because it doesnt look very stylish, and it is big so find a good place to put it because you'll get signal almost anywhere.

  6.  A must Own 1st person Shooter


    1) Excellent a.i with outstanding graphics, ground shaking sound with panasonic home cinema system (1000w)
    2) Endless online action with with brand new guns and maps
    3)The kill streak of 7 enables you to call in the "dogs of war" which are fast and smell fear, beware they will kill you straight away on hardcore mode, core mode you will have probally 1 chance to kill them.
    4)Complete the campaign to unlock "zombies" which is like a 1st person arcade shooter (up to 4 players online)
    5) Co-op campaign, same as campaign but online, ive found every single deatch card and it is quality fun with the paintball gun and beserker cards turned on, so much more than cod4.

  7.  I liiiiikkkkee, Very Niscceee


    The most hilarious film ive ever seen, i didnt know how many different types of laughter i could produce.

  8.  T.V in your room


    Got delivered yesterday and i am thrilled to say the it is great value for money, and here's why..
    1) Fits perfectly in my room and crystal clear picture
    2) Sound and setup is very simple
    3) The t.v was made too make my ps3 look super stylish with incredible graphics (must buy hdmi cable seperatly £7.99 worth it). 4) I have also connected my laptop to the tv for a simple reason to watch movies from my laptop straight on the 22".
    5) With play its super fast delivery 1 day.
    Only downside is that i was slightly mislead by the description, it says "wall mount" and i thought it was included in the package, unfortunatly it wasnt. This still doesnt deserve too lose a star. Not 1080hd but you wont be able to tell the difference.

  9.  Top 5 1st person shooter on PS3


    Graphics 8/10 (hd is amazing)
    Gameplay/storyline 9/10 (play it at 1 in the morning and you'll be scared and your heat will beaat like a drum lol
    Online is absolutly maddd but i like it 60 players still good connection.
    Get the game you wont be dissapointed.

  10.  A little overated...


    The graphics are debatable, i would say slightly on the childish side. The gameplay itself is good but i recommend everyone turns the sensitivity on full and disable the sticky aim, also ive started the difficulty on agent which is challenging, again though bond fans this game is as close to the original goldeneye you'll get. Multiplayer is alot like counter strike on the p.c but again graphics and smoothness in gameplay is abit sloppy. All in all a decent game.