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  1. V/H/S



    17 New from  £4.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.86

     Not as good as the trailer but pretty damn close!!!


    All the stories are good in one way or another and don't stick around long enough for you to get bored. If you're after something different and can get into the feeling of a found tape footage I think it really works! Roll on S-V/H/S!!

  2.  Single player Good but Multiplayer Fantastic!!!!


    I enjoyed the single player and took my time to go through it fully. Only over the last 1 month or so started now playing the multiplayer and must say it's the best FPS I've played. Really enjoyable and not as frustrating as some. Highly recommended!!

  3.  Something a bit different from the usual FPS's


    From the demo thought it was a little bit different and fairly exciting, due to the camera and pace of the action. True the graphics arent great, trying to be concealed by the security camera look, but they do the job. I especially liked the teamwork, I found on my brief go and also the ability to identify the traitors in order for you to eliminate for your team. Give it a go, it may surprise you!

  4. MAG



    4 New from  £7.03  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     Give it time...


    At first thought this was pretty poor in comparison to MW2 and Killzone 2, but after playing for a while and getting used to the team play, I now throughly enjoy it. But you need to give it time and when you get to lead other squads and get into the massive battles it is truly exciting .
    Warning though, it is more a team based game, with your teams helping and backing up each other; so if you're one of the players that prefer camping/sniping or just running and gunning this probably won't be for you.

  5.  The True Next Gen of games!!


    The content on this is fantastic, with the main game story levels, then the online levels that other users have made, the online co-op and finally the brilliant level creator. This is value for money and will last me for ages and ages!!!! Show your backing for great games like this or they just won't get made!