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  1.  Never let me down!


    This mouse is great but only if you don't have small girls hands as my girlfriend finds it uncomfortable and heavy but to me its the most comfortable mouse I have ever owned.
    In two years it has never let me down and still as good as ever! Even for gaming (I'm not bothered about key mapping or infinite DPI settings) it's great, the DPI settings are fine although I rarely use the higher one.

    Overall, it's comfy to hold, doesn't glow underneath annoyingly and does everything I need it to!

  2.  Good but not the best


    @ the above review - Dutch wasn't in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary but he is in the Anniversary series of figures by McFarlane Toys which is celebrating 10 years of Halo by releasing figures from across the Halo games. So the figure is described properly, the reviewer just seems to have misunderstood why it has the Anniversary label. Also it is not an old figure, Dutch has never been released before now.

    Anyway, the review:
    Nice figure with a nice paint job (if you are lucky, some can be a bit hit and miss) on the figure. Let down by the paintwork on the Spartan Laser which is like someone forgot what colour it is supposed to be, with it being a flat grey and black rather than green, red and silver and all that good stuff. This is odd seeing as other figures by the same company recieved correctly painted Splasers. Despite this, the paint is pretty good compared to a few of the Reach figures around today, with nice details like Dutch's name and UNSC on the chest plate, the teeth on the helmet, stripes on his canisters etc.
    I've heard about the articulation being a problem, with some figures breaking apart almost instantly. Mine however, is fine apart from being a bit stiff in the arms and legs. The legs have never been great on the ODST figures due to the armour plates on the hips but this one is much more restrictive making it hard to get him to stand up sometimes.
    Unlike the Buck figure, Dutch's helmet is not removable but is no great loss. Once again the weapons come with pegs and/or holes so they attach to the figure, BUT, the ODST figures have no pegs or holes on them for these to attach! This is because the weapons (Spartan Laser and grenade) are from the Reach Spartan moulds (those figures do have pegs and holes for weapons) so is a bit misleading.

    Overall, it's a nice figure if you are lucky to get one that isn't badly painted or badly put together (I was lucky :D) and you are willing to re-paint the Splaser :D

  3.  a beacon of coolness


    Great fit (i got a size Small), fantastic print of the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy! and bright colours too, this shirt will definately get you noticed! ;D
    My new favourite tee!!

  4.  as close to the real thing...


    When I first got this saber I was amazed at how realistic it was, firstly the hilt feels and looks like the real thing apart from it being a little bigger to accomodate the electronics, i was also surprised at how light it was (i expected it to be heavier) but if you're a small child or a really weak person then you might think differently.

    On powering the saber up for the first time I was blown away by how cool and bright it looked as the blade lights up and down in sequence and makes the sounds we all know and love! I can really feel the Force with mine! :D

    Now I know the manual striclty tells us not use it as a toy but I couldnt help but swing it around for a bit (what are all those sounds for if you're not going to swing it around?) and knock it off stuff (just dont whack it off somethin hard like a table or a doorframe) just to hear the cool sounds, and they are good sounds although they could be a little better quality and a few more different sounds would be nice.

    I would give this 5 stars but because of a few minor weaknesses it only gets 4. Fist of all i noticed that the blade doesnt totally light up as there are these sort of dark patches/rings along the length of the blade, i dont know if theyre from hitting it off things or it if was like that in the first place but you dont really notice them when playing. Next the blade seems a little weak because of a slight wobble in the blade and because its only made of plastic, however it is very hard plastic and has endured me hitting things with it so its stronger than it looks! and i would say it would be suitable for dueling as long as you dont whack them as hard as you can. There is also a slight delay in the sound effects which decreases the realism a bit.

    Overall this is a great collectable for any Star Wars fan and great value too at 39.99!! apart from the few problems, the realism and coolness factor of this item overides these and make it a great product and because Master Replicas dont make them anymore, just to be a right bunch of spoil sports, these really are great piece of film history and sooo much fun, but you really need two to really enjoy them!

  5.  Great RPG!


    this is one of the best RPGs for the 360 at the moment, the amount of galaxy to explore is huge! the graphics are awesome for such an expansive game apart from when driving the Mako the environments can get a bit pixelated. The gameplay is easy to get to grips with and fun but you must remember to save often! The dialogue and communication with other characters throughout the game is superb with voice talent of Keith David and Seth Green. Anyone who loved Star Wars KOTOR will love this too as it is very similar but with better graphics and not Star Wars :D I loved this game from start to finish and has some great achievements to unlock. Bioware Corp have done very very well with this one!