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  1.  For all those wondering


    This is coming out in 4 formats, 3D Blu-Ray (You will need a compatible bluray player, 3D TV and 3D glasses to view), a 2D Blu-Ray if you haven't got all the 3D gear (yet), a DVD and finally a digital copy.
    For the cost this is a brilliant package as it allows you to watch the film now and still watch it should you decide to upgrade your bluray player and TV in the future (as I will next year).
    Oh, and it's a brilliant film, one of the best uses of 3D in the closing credits and set's up brilliant for next years Avengers movie.

  2.  Bargain with lots of extra's (and a great phone too)


    This is an excellent piece of equipment, and the package here is brilliant. What you don't know is that it comes with a 1gb micro sd cards fitted and a leather case feature a sensor that switches the screen off as you slide the phone into the case to save power. Add in the £20 credit that comes with it (which you can use on any orange payg phone) then you have over £35 of accessories free of charge.
    So the phone, I'm new to Blackberry, is great. It takes a little while to get used to and the instructions lack some details about some of the basic feature (like setting tones for messages, or setting up speed dials) but you can find out all these questions from the blackberry website (which can be accessed via the phone).
    Great for web use, great for calls, great for emails and sms, all in all this phone is everything i was looking for and Orange customer service have a special desk for Blackberry phones should you have any real technical issues!
    I love it, and if you are looking for a phone that delivers everything it promises, stylish, easy to use, great features, lots of extras and more, then this is the phone for you.
    Another great package and bargain from Play.com

  3.  doesn't fit the new nokia mini usb port


    I got it for my nokia 6500 as it has the new universal port that all new monile phones will use from 2010 and this doesn't fit it.
    I'm trying to contact the manufactuers to see if there will be a new socket available but thier website is coming soon!
    Unable to return to play.com as it's my fault!

  4.  Great film - but not for your ipod!


    The films great!
    But - I brought this version to get the bonus digital copy, as like all other films with a bonus digital copy I want to play it on my ipod touch! Unfortunatly on this one you can't - the DRM only allows you to transfer it to a Sony PSP or your PC, and then the DRM stops you transferring it to a MP4 player or ipod! So please be aware if buying this for the digital copy (like me!)

  5.  What I love about my Acer!


    My Acer Aspire One arrived today. Within an hour I had everything up and running including downloading some additional programmes I wabted like i-tunes, etc.
    OK so it doesn't come with any CD/DVD drive, but lets be honest how often do you use it, and if you do then you can get a plug in DVD burner for under 40 quid
    I do have a couple of issues, namely some of the keys are incorrectly labeled, like the @ is on number 2 and I'm still looking for the pound symbol, it's not on shift 3 as expected!!
    But for under 300 quid I have a wireless laptop that I can use at home, in the car and down the local cafe. I can access my mail within 15 seconds, surf the web and watch shows from the bbc iplayer (the screen quality is brilliant)
    One last thing, it's equipped with a great built in webcam! having lots of fun with that!!!