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  1.  A Benchmark In Gaming!


    Quite simply, MGS creator Hideo Kojima has concluded a 21 year series with a spectacular finale. The PS3 has finally been given a title that shows the machine's superior graphical and playability power. If you are a previous MGS follower then you will be delighted to know that MGS4 ties every single story strand and its complexitities in this title. YES the cut scenes are long BUT they are quality and are needed to explain all the unanswered questions. After the dissapointment that was GTA4 it goe's to show that if a developer works on one dedicated console rather than multi platform release then a quality product will be born rather than a rush job. The PS3 has suffered because of multi platform releasing but at last this game is not just a benchmark for the PS3 but for gaming as a whole. The mixture of emotions Hideo Kojima makes you feel whilst playing this title is unbelievable, I have been a gamer since the early days of Spectrum48k and Commodore 64k and I can safely say that this is the best and ulimate benchmark in gaming for at least 24 years! If you don't own a PS3 yet love gaming, you honestly owe it to yourself to play this game by what ever means. The question is 'what can possibly surpass this work of genius?'. p.s. if you are a previous follower of the MGS series, make sure you watch the entire credits at the end, because as you will be beaware, Hideo Kojima always has a extra trick up his sleeve!!

  2.  At last, a alternative to COD4!


    Great solo story mode that engages into other modes of play i.e co-op missions ( with or without a mate ) and a decent multiplayer options, ( better than the first game ). It realy is a welcome after all the dross that has been released since COD4. Ubisoft have listened and improved on the faults of the first game yet connecting to the server on multiplayer modes is slighty irritating and will require persistance ( hopefully this will be addressed sooner rather than later ).

  3.  Mediocre at best!


    I don't know what the other reviewers were inhaling when they wrote their reviews for this game BUT this is mediocre graphics, gameplay and a story that has more cheese in it than a dairy farm. A decent attempt on the PS2 maybe but this is unacceptable for a console that is powerfull as the PS3 is, trust me this game should have stayed back in 2007 and Capcom should think less of the gravy boat and stop insulting consumers with lazy material. Conclusion, don't waste your money even though it's a discounted price it ain't worth your PS3 pennies.

  4.  Nothing new here!


    Average graphics, average gameplay and what should have been a interesting twist on the WW2 story just fails to inspire or earn the right to be played again. And to add insult to injury the Online Modes are NOT connecting to servers at the time of release!!! When are we going to get the quality our PS3's deserve. Codemasters should hang their heads in shame!

  5.  New Game but Old style!


    Quite simply this is nothing short of lazy! It's the same as any other DMC title yet polished on the next-gen consoles. In fact the developer was so lazy that halfway through the game you are forced to cover the same ground but with just another character!! Capcom should hang their heads in shame!

  6.  A launch game let down.


    The power of the PS3 is at least 2-3 years away from realising its true capabilities as with every other new console ( just ask the software developers ), but as a massive PS3 fan I will admit this game was nothing short of a glorified PS2 title. Graphically flawed with bland hordes of enemies and no true inovation. The development team should have spent more time pushing the PS3 boundaries rather than rushing it out for a launch game, A massive dissapointment!

  7.  Ubisofts PS3 Online Addiction continues!


    Once again Developer Ubisoft and their 'Tom Clancy' franchise have managed to capture the online excitement all true gamers crave for. The story mode is very good and the online addrenaline makes you crave for one or two or just dammit several last go's. The only downside would be the slighty confusing first quest into online matches (hint: goto Ranked then Solo Elimination) and minor 'Lagging' issue's, but overall it's graphical, sound & gameplay prowness is high on the must have PS3 games list.

  8.  The WOW factor!


    If you liked games like the Onimusha series and Devil May Cry, then this next-gen gem is what you've been waiting for on the PS3. The action is non-stop and graphically its getting near the PS3 expectation, BUT WARNING if you buy this game you will only progress by using the 'blocking' move. It is rock hard and takes no prisoners, so if your gun-ho in your play it will be game over before you know it. NINJA is a must for the PS3.

  9.  On-line Addictiviness


    As A fan of Splinter Cell & Metal Gear I could'nt wait for the PS3 installment, yet in all honesty this is just a XBOX 360 port over. But it is overall a good decent game YET the on-line mode is where it is in class of its own. Warning on-line is very addictive and you won't redo story mode as you will find it's to slow after on-line matches. I would thoroughly recomend for it's on-line matches alone, this is one of only a few decent available PS3 titles out there.