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  1.  Great :)


    My friend has this and it can go really loud, louder than you'd ever need (or be able to use without annoying people half a mile away...)

  2.  Film itself is alright!


    ...but if you're a fan of the books you may be let down. As someone's already mentioned, they've squashed two books into one film and missed SO many vital events out.

  3.  FANTASTIC!!!!


    I missed the first episode of this sadly, but I caught the second one by chance as I just popped the TV of for some background noise as I tidied up, best thing I had done in a long while! It captured me and by the end I was amazed and went out and bought the book the next day, determined to finish the book before the series ended.
    I loved it so much I even delayed going on one night so I could watch the final episode (as if i'd miss it!)
    This DVD is a must buy, also buy the book because both are magnificent!!!

  4.  Yay!


    If somebody said to me last year "Do you like the Spice Girls" i probably would have said "eeeew no".
    Now! The sudden reforming of the spice girls has gotten me all nostalgic and now if somebody asked me the same question it would be "yes yes yes!"
    Every song is a belter and makes you want to be 8 again!

  5.  Good Fun!


    This is a fun game as you can simply adopt a pet or you can mate two different breeds and create a new one! You can also choose the characteristics of your brand new pet such as whether its clever, lazy or naughty which is great fun too!
    Training pets to beg, roll over, play dead etc is like teaching the toddler to talk or walk, it takes a little while and effort but it's not neccessary.
    The downside is you dont get many new items of clothing/houses/lots/furniture with this expansion pack.

  6.  Fab!


    It takes quite a lot to make me laugh and this film is the funniest out of the couple of Will Ferrell films I've seen.
    The soundtrack is brilliant, I was humming the songs for ages. It also has just the right amount of 'innuendo' to make it funny but not crude.
    I saw it in the cinema in April and loved it and I got the DVD off Play yesterday and have watched it about 4 times already. The extra features are brilliant, especially the deleted scenes, they're hilarious.

  7.  Infuriating


    I went to see this in the cinema and I wasn't too keen on going because all the adverts I had seen for it looked rubbish - and I assumed right.
    All the gags are predictable and quite unfunny. Half way through I was sitting, contemplating walking out but I gave it a chance but it never improved.
    I can honestly say this film left me infuriated that I had wasted £5.70 and about 2 hours of my life.

  8.  Great Fun!


    This expansion pack is one of the best for the Sims 2. There's a new life stage "young adult" between teenager and adult which is good because a young adult can do adult functions as well keeping the youth!
    Moving into dormitaries is a great way to meet people, you leave Uni with 4 or 5 pages of friends!
    You can pick your major from Drama, physics, History and many more.
    Try to join a Greek House because this is great fun too, so are the graduation parties!
    If you are debating between this expansion and others then this is definately the winner!

  9. Loose


    Nelly Furtado - CD

    16 New from  £2.24  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Brilliant Transition


    Nelly Furtado has successfully made the transition from soul-y pop-y kind of singer to an RnB artist. Whilst there was always the risk her new style of music would be rejected in favour of "I'm like a bird" Nelly Furtado has catapulted herself into the limelight big style. All the collaborations prove she has done well.
    I love most of the tracks on this album, the sassy lyrics and catchy beats are addictive.

  10.  Excellent Blend


    Pink's onto a winner with this album, with the mix of tracks, from up beat and loud to the softer, more emotional songs, Pink doesn't lack in attitude!
    Excellent album!