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  1.  Sweet game!


    im playing in the beta and i must say, this is a refreshing mmo, has more depth to it then the out dated world of warcraft, and as a huge star ways fan this game ties in the mmo monkey on my back and the love of using a light saber :)

  2.  A Legend Halo Game


    i pre ordered this back in march as many who know me know im a huge halo fan, as others said the model is light and plastic and i think in the wrong hands would easily break, the extras make a good read and make the game feel more real,
    the game is amazing solo or co op it has whats needed a well balanced game, online its good as long as you select good connection or you get loads of lag,

    my only bad point is, not the game but play, using Home Delivery Network ,
    was nice to get a tracker number,
    so i track this on sat, it said it was at Ipswich, cool means id get this on monday,
    so i check there delivery times and they said 7am to 7pm,
    so i get up nice and early on monday, used tracking number, said it was on the van, and delivery time was 7am till 7pm,
    so whats the point of having a tracking number at all when you cant give a closer time to say it will be there?
    i even rang them, to only have a rude man say the only time i can give is 7am till 7pm, i called them at 9am, so i said he time travels now dose he?
    play please get rid of this company and use the old one dhl or ups or whatever it was

  3.  use along side your keyboard


    ive been looking at fps left hand pads for a wile, as i just find some keys too far away from the w,a,s, and d, it jus makes me have to look at the keyboard to replace my hand where it needs to be,
    you dont remove your keyboard to use this pad, sit it next to it, use both, yeah you can get rid of ya keyboard jus for games but why bother when the smack talk cant be issued lol, its a great pad used it for 20 hours + on bf2 and cod4 its a great bit of kit but hmm the wright up is a tad wrong, keep ys keybord where it is! add this too and pown up some noobs!

  4.  bargin!!!!


    but has it the new insides and hdmi port???? if so i should of got this insted of the halo 3 360 for it lol

  5.  not so great story board


    i got this on the 26th great, looks cool even the delivery driver was excited and asked me to open it there so he could see, every thing inside was erm seems to be missing, i was expecting 3 dvd cases and got 2, ok one case hols 2 disks, was expecting a storyboard print, and got a small book like a comic nothing collectable,also 2 cases so why the extra space in the holder?? ok maybe my copys of h1 an 2 will fit in too, nope only room for one more case with extra space, and like a previous poster the number on mine is 467058, not so limited, but, having not told any one i was getting it, then seeing there faces when i had a halo 3 party was to die for kids in a sweet shop!! lol