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  1.  Worth spending the pennies on :)


    Not sure whether one particular reviewer was watching the same film as me because this was brilliant!

    Have to admit watching Daniel Radcliffe play a character with a 3-4 year old child feels incredibly odd seeing as he looks about 20, which I was quite sceptical about to start. I felt they'd completely miscast the main character.

    However, Daniel actually does a fine job and you put aside the fact he doesn't look old enough to have a child that age. His performance is really very good and very believable.

    This is a great thriller flick. There are a lot of moments of suspense, hiding behind sleeves and bits that make you jump. There were so many screaming girls in the cinema when I went to see this (think they just went for Radders).

    It's also very dark which I liked and mysterious - it follows a similar storyline of films such as Sleepy Hollow and the Wicker Man where the protagonist is visiting a strange and unsettling town where nothing is quite as it seems and all the town folk are hiding a secret.

    It's Daniel's character's job to find out what, and of course along the way there are a lot of scary sequences and 'no why would you do that, you just wouldn't do that!!' moments.

    This is a film that both younger and older people will like, as it's dark but not ridiculously scary and is gothic rather than a horror.

    The best bit about it is knowing you're going to see the woman in black at some point but not knowing when and knowing she's probably going to make you jump!!

  2.  VGA connection?


    This is perhaps extremely cheeky but could anyone who's purchased this television tell me whether it has PC input/ VGA connection? It's not written in the specifications and me buying it is dependent upon if it has one!!
    (thought I'd best give it 5 stars so as to not ruin its good run :P)

  3.  no wonder this album is pricey& the most expensive on here..


    ..It's because it's bloody fantastic!!
    There are a few tunes which will catch your attention straight away, simply because of their ridiculously catchy, upbeat riffs. Juice box & electricityscape being two of them.
    The lyrics are perfection as usual. There's never very many of them, but what mr. Casablancas does say- is always delightfully dry, blunt & honest i.e
    'My feelings are more important than yours,' & of course 'don't be a coconut..!'
    Every single song on this album is catchy, & i never find myself skipping a track. Out of all their albums i believe this one to be the best. Rather than having a few stand out songs like the other two albums, this one is more of a listen to it all the way through.
    Considering that i'm not a major strokes fan i was surprised at how much i liked this album. It takes a fair few listens to appreciate all the tracks- some of them have a slow start. However once you've listened to it all the way through a few times i think you'll see what i mean!
    The album sold itself for me mostly because of the fantastic lyrics coupled with its great riffs. The lyrics are always simple yet poignant, and teamed with strong, catchy beats make it strokes heaven.
    If i had my way i would give it a 4 and a half out of 5. However that isn't an option so i gave it a 4, as the strokes are, after all, an acquired taste. And 5 out of 5 is a generous figure!

  4.  a good laugh


    even if you dont go for romancey type films, or youre a guy who doesnt fancy watching a 'hunk' wander around for the whole film- i guarentee you you will still enjoy this film.
    heath ledger is amazing in it, as he and all the other cast really bring modern day humour into a medieval setting. theres also eye candy for the guys from jocelyn [shannyn sossamon- 40 days and 40 nights, the holiday]

    and even though theres the love relationship of will and jocelyn- the stories still very much about will, not their 'getting together.' which is what made it more enjoyable for me- im no fan of romance comedies.

    the real success of this film though- other than the actors and script, is the way they gave the medieval time period a modern twist. dont let the title fool you- this may be a 'knights tale' but this isnt your average knight in an average tale.

    overall great film to watch if you just wanna chill out and watch something entertaining. and for this price its a bit of a barg!