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  1.  Exactly same as last no real improvements


    Playing the game early i have realised the game is pretty much exactly the same as the last fallout with no real improvements...

    okay so fallout 3 was good but it had its room for improvements, like maybe some co-op and better handling...

    None of this has been done there isnt any multiplayer or co op and handling if anything is worse than last one for example climbing up rock faces is now pretty much impossible making you walk all the way round an already long walk map even with instant travel once you been in that location...

    good things are improved weapons such as add ons like scopes and diffrent ammo types.

    overall if you liked fallout 3 buy it if you think it needed lots of improvements, dont bother...

    graphics 4/5
    handling 2/5
    gameplay 3/5
    customisation 2/5

  2.  Slow start but this game is blossoming...


    I had this since release now and so far i have found the start bit very mind numbingly rubbish as it feels like a naff tutorail which too many games have and i dont care for them much.

    But i have been playing for quite some hours and found its really starting to evolve to be a good game, gets better the more i play...

  3.  Story line is very naff but multiplayer is brilliant


    Okay well i got this game expected alot out of it and it didnt fully deliever the story mode is far too short, quite addictive but then its over...

    Multiplayer side of things is quite awesome thou lots of fun to be had and again very addictive...

  4.  Improves Command and Conquer 3


    This add on pack is defantly a must have if you have the original title as the sub factions are spot on awesomeness. The new units are exactly what was missing from the original. love it...

  5.  BOOM


    Command and Conquer red alert is back and its back with a slightly odd fashion of new but eye opening units like samurais with guns and swords to bears with parachutes lol, random but awesome...

    At first i was like no way this wont work with these randomness but it so works and well i enjoy it loads.

    Its based on the alternate future, very cool... have fun

  6.  blood thirst


    I personally have been looking for a decent zombie fps for ages and this game has delivered it.

    To put this game in a nutshell hordes after hordes of zombies, simple collection of weapons (could do with few more really but still), awesome graphics, team of 4 go across a collection of chapters which are like mini movies with an awesome multi player set out...

    In multiplayer you can control the zombies oooo...

    All in all a must by for the beginner to pro zombie hunters lol

  7.  The force is strong with this one...


    Okay all in all this game is very well executed, from great graphics to a good storyline. Average customisations of force enhancements. A Griping storyline.
    BUT:- here's the down part a short cut storyline taking on taking as little time as 6 hours to complete and leaving you in slight disappointment over the ending(s). Also another slight disappointment is the main characters lack of customisation and moves... (broken down out of 5) Graphics: 4, gameplay: 4, playlife: 3...

  8.  Final Fantasy Vincent brought to life... again


    Okay well service as always was brilliant. 2 days delivery.

    The Figurine is magnificently detailed (the picture doesn't do it much justice) just like the rest of the collection which as a Final Fantasy fan I have most of them now... The figurine is also very highly poserable coming with a replaceable hand and Vincent's original pistol seen in Final Fantasy 7

    Just waiting for a few more to be released like Barret and Cid...

    Another work of art for all final fantasy fans to enjoy...

  9.  Deadeye on style and gameplay


    One of the best Tom Clancy titles I've played in a long time...
    A few things to consider about this game...
    Good Points:-

    + Full customization in Weapons, Gear and Armour (hugely expandable and unlockable) which to me is very important in a game to add game life, nothing worse than been made to use same old equipment.
    +intense fire fights.
    +Go loud or Silent you decide

    Bad Points:-

    * Storyline is a little short.
    * You cant plan infiltration like in some previous Rainbow Six titles.

  10.  Complete let down in the DMC series


    What a complete let down, the game play is serverly lacking imagination, a really rubbish character (Nero), Dante was much better by far, the previous titles were much more liquid in movement, Nero lacks complete style...

    A completely disappointing title...

    Look at getting the previous titles like DMC 1, 2 and 3 as they are wicked....