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  1.  It's an HDMI cable brah


    Image was good but I noticed a significant drop in sound. Got it to replace the component cable on my 360 and it is now much much quieter, don't know if that would happen with any HDMI cable though. The plastic around the connectors is also very chunky so if you don't have much room on your TV or the HDMI ports are close you might have problems fitting it in.

  2.  Nothing special


    Pretty average movie with very little to do with the game. It has some nice special effects and stunts, a reasonable story and Jake Gyllenhaal does a pretty decent English accent. Good movie to watch as a family but don't expect anything fancy in terms of acting or story.

  3.  Do you like Pop Music?


    Because if you do not then obviously you will dislike this game. There are a few really good tracks on there like YMCA, Bad Reputation, Just Dance and Heard it through the Grapevine but other than that it is a mix of Disney channel style pop and emotionally charged ballads by kids with silly hair.

    Due to it being mostly pop music it's rare that a challenge arises when playing Guitar and the drum charts, in typical Guitar Hero fashion, aren't very good. Couple of exceptions but in general if you are playing drums you won't feel like you are playing the song.

    Which really means the game is a great karaoke game. Perfect for passing a microphone to your mum/girlfriend/sister and telling them to sing along. If you like the sounds of that then you will no doubt enjoy the game.

  4.  Good fun with a friend


    Me and my bro bought this since it was pretty cheap and we both loved it. It's buggy as hell and the missions can be fairly uninspired but it's just so much fun! Run around, blow stuff up, shoot people, stand on the tallest building in the game and then call in a bunker buster on your position and watch the building fall slowly beneath your feet. Fly around in a helicopter, spot a oil rig, jump out, slap C4 all over it, blow it up and get blasted miles away from it so you get a lovely view as it sinks slowly into the ocean. Awesome, ridiculous fun.

    In singleplayer it was pretty meh. I probably would of still enjoyed it enough to see it through to the end but wouldn't recommend it. With 2 people, some imagination and a load of airstrikes though this is just about as fun as gaming can get.

  5.  Bananas


    Excellent for £8. Only took a minute to set up as well, just pop your Ethernet cables in and you are ready to go.

    It's compatible with a Sky router because that's what i have and everything is working great, no drop in speed or anything and both my PC and Xbox 360 work perfectly when they are connected to it.

  6.  Avoid, you may catch boredom


    I didn't buy this, it was given to me, like a present I suppose you could call it. But people like presents, I didn't like this. This game made me sad. I honestly don't want to spend more time thinking about the game than I already have so I will make this pretty brief.

    The story is terrible. Really, not a single likable character in the game. Voice acting is terrible and the story is just so dull. I'm not even too sure what the hell it's all about. Dragons I assume, there were some dragons in there, they died.

    Grinding. Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. Never have I had to grind this much to get anywhere before. It is literally about an hour of grinding to every ten of actually advancing the game. Every time you go into a new area you will have to run around killing stuff for ages because otherwise it will all kill you in a couple of hits.

    Combat can actually be fun at times. You level up your abilities and spells the more you use them which I liked. The game seems to completely ignore stats like speed, defense and strength though. One turn may see your characters attack before the bad guys, then the next turn, the bad guys will rip through your party before you get a hit in. It makes no sense! There is way too much of it as well thanks to all that grinding.

    The item creation is quite cool but then all JRPG's have that these days so it's hardly worth getting excited about is it? It's not even overly deep, buy recipes and make stuff. You can't stumble across super powerful gear and if you can then I didn't.

    That's enough of that anyway. If you still want to buy it then you are a silly billy.

  7.  Amazing


    If you have played God of War on the PS2 then you will know what you are getting with this. Although it's a bit shorter than the PS2 versions it comes with all the trimmings. All the things that made the two PS2 games great are in here, nothing is sacrificed to get the game onto a handheld. Even the graphics are on par with the PS2 versions.

    With the game being a prequel you don't need to of played the other 2 in the series either, so, if you have been wondering about God of War for a while now then this would be a great place to start.

    Like I said, the game is a little short. Only took me 4 hours, but there is a bonus challenge mode that you can play through if your skill and patience can manage it. I couldn't, it made me sad. As soon as I had finished I restarted as well so I could collect all the secrets in the game and dress like a potato.

  8.  Epic


    Once I started playing this I just couldn't put it down. The combat is ridiculously violent, hacking and ripping enemies in half all over the place with a combat system that is very easy to get into to. Everything is done with triangle and square when you start, then as your weapons are upgraded you will unlock more moves and as the enemies get tougher you will have to master blocking and dodging.

    There are also a load of puzzles to be solved which are a nice challenge but never too much, the always seem to start and finish just at the right time. On the off chance that you are getting tired of hacking naked Gorgons chicks in half the puzzles and platforming sections will come along and spice the game up for you.

    Platforming is also fantastic. Some really fiendish parts later in the game that will make you laugh when you see then, cry when you try them and then probably jump up and down with glee when you finally manage them.

    The main character Kratos is also a really interesting character. A complete psychopath who you really shouldn't like but I couldn't help myself, he's brilliant. Story on the whole is very interesting actually. If you are a fan of Greek Mythology then you will love the story. Very dramatic with amazing character and beasty design.

    All in all, a damn fine game and one of the best action games I have played on my dusty old PS2.

  9.  My thumbs...they hurt


    Katamari on the PS2 was a great game. Really cheery and really addictive. This is pretty much the same but with controls that cripple your thumbs and leave you shaking your hands at the end of each level while saying things like 'ouch' and 'bloody hell'.

    The PSP version also lacks variety in the missions and once you get to a certain point you will just be doing the same thing over and over again. It's cool the first time you roll up a skyscraper but after the 10th time of doing it on exactly the same level it loses it's appeal.

  10.  Quick review


    Just thought I would do a quick review for this to warn people to avoid it. It's really quite terrible. Bad animation, terrible story, utterly rubbish and there aren't even any moments where you can think, 'hey, that was pretty cool'. Nothing, just avoid it and spend your money on something worthy of your time.