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  1.  You can€t Justify missing this!


    I knew nothing about this series before I started watching it. What attracted my interest was the fact that the main actor, Timothy Olyphant, was excellent in Deadwood.
    I have to say that I got hooked from the very first scene. The writing, characters and acting are all top class and the plot moves along at a good pace, with snappy dialogue and lots of action. By the end of this series the only complaint I had was that the series was coming to an end. You really owe it to yourself to watch Justified.

  2.  Time is on your side...


    How often have you said.. If I only had more time?... The most fun feature of Singularity is the way time is used both as a weapon and a tool. Whether solving one of the many puzzles which let you progress to the next part of the game or ageing an opponent or even stopping time completely so you can kill at your leisure... time is on your side. The storyline is nicely filled out with the liberal placement of audio recordings and notes which help keep your interest. The weapons are clever for the most part and the upgrade systems work well. The only criticisms I have of Singularity is that the game play is too linier the puzzles a bit too easy and the game a little short. Ive only played the single player game at medium difficulty and think experienced gamers should try the harder mode. On the plus side the game runs fine at highest settings on my oldish PC so you dont need to have a new top end machine. In spite of these flaws I really enjoyed Singularity. All in all this game is well worth the price.

  3.  Good - but not great...


    This movie is defiantly worth a watch. But there is no way that it deserved the Best Movie Oscar. I can think of at least half a dozen better films from the last year. That said, it is an enjoyable and quite good film.

  4.  A wasted opportunity..,


    I don't want anyone (most especially Canadians) to take my criticism of this movie to mean that I have anything but the height of respect for the courage and sacrifice of those who fought and died in WW1. I had the honor of being the first member of our family to pay their respects at the grave of my father's uncle who was killed in action in Belgium in 1916. Standing in the midst of those endless rows of gravestones was one of the most emotional things I've ever done. The futility and scale of loss endured by that generation is beyond imagination. I have also studied this period in history in some detail. That said, I was really interested in seeing this movie. Sadly I was very disappointed. The plot is so unbelievable that it ruins what should have been a realistic account of one of the saddest and most tragic periods in history. It's best described as "Mills & Boon" meets "All Quiet on the Western Front" with "Mills& Boon" winning the day. The film tries to be a war movie and a romance, but succeeds in neither and has to resort to visual cliches of the poorest kind, and a plot that is tissue-paper thin . I hope somebody makes a fitting tribute to the Canadian dead of WW1 soon, because this is defiantly not it.

  5.  A really enjoyable game.


    I have to agree with everything NickNR says about Fallout 3 with one exception: I've been running it in Vista X64 for weeks without any problem. Perhaps I'm just lucky; my PC is a couple of years old, so it's not near the top requirement for this game.

    I've spent endless hours wandering the beautifully rendered post-apocalyptic landscape, while either attempting to complete one of the many quests or just exploring for fun. The thing I really like about this game is the way you get a sense of freedom about where you go and what you do. I know Fallout 3 has an ending, but I don't feel I'll reach it soon - and I hope I don't.
    I'm even enjoying the 1940's music soundtrack and find myself going around humming "Bongo, bongo, bongo"...!!

    If you enjoy a good single player game with lots of atmosphere- this is for you.

  6.  As good as their best.


    I'm delighted to find this CD is as good as the other reviewers claim. I'm old enough to have bought UB40's first four albums on vinyl- and still rate them amongst my favourites. This CD is as good (if not better) than most of those. Highly recommended.

  7.  Fantastic!!


    This DVD actually exceeded my expectations. I loved the "Seeger Sessions" CD and was disappointed that I could not make it to see the following tour. When I got this "Live in Dublin" DVD I was hoping that it would live up to the standard of the studio album. I need not have worried, it just gets better every time I watch it.

  8.  A wasted opportunity.


    This film could have been so good. How could anyone not make an exciting and gripping movie about such a fascinating subject? Surely all they had to do was go to the historical records and simply draw together some of the incredible real-life stories of the brave (or foolish) young men who entered a war that wasn't theirs for either idealistic reasons or for the romantic thrill of being at the cutting edge of the very new technology of aerial combat. Instead what this film delivers is a series of clichéd characters and plot that is so predictable to be downright boring. The aerial combat scenes, while very pretty, fail to deliver the feeling of a life-or-death struggle and slip into the ridiculous more than once. If you want the real thing get a copy of the 1966 classic "The Blue Max".

  9.  Bursting with raw talent!


    This collection is a must for all lovers of real music. There is a nice mixture of styles and pace without compromising on quality. Every performer brings their own particular presence to the collection, and the sterling backing by Jools and his orchestra add just enough without swamping each vocal style. This CD will be playing in my house for a long time to come.

  10.  FANTASTIC!!


    Excellent game. Best single player for years!! Graphics, gameplay and mood make the game