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  1. F1 2010

    F1 2010


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     AMAZING but......!!


    as far as the driving experience goes, this game is amazing!! the realism of the graphics, handling and dynamic weather combined are outstanding. The sounds of the f1 cars themselves just make me want to turn my volume up every time i play this! some of the cars also sound different to each other which is a great attention to detail imI would have given this game 5 stars but i think its lacking a lot of content, especially in multiplayer, there are no stats to see wins or anything like that, no trophies or bonus cars, tracks! I would have also liked to have more participation in the Research & Development aspect of the game. There is also content lacking whilst racing too; e.g. theres hardly ever any retirements, or safety cars. And racing incidents only occur for a few seconds, so not very eventful.
    Overall, in terms of the driving itself, it feels near perfect to racing real f1 cars.....just lacking content!

  2.  good and bad!!


    After playing this game for a while, i have noticed most of the good and bad points to this game. Firstly, i think this game is not as well POLISHED as mw2, which was the same with WaW compared to mw1. however, this game offers much more content and game modes as well as creativity with the emblems and gun appearences, etc. I think this game has a very good lasting appeal. there are many game modes. i especially like zombies and hope they release some new maps for it!! (im sure they will)

    The BIGGEST letdown to this game however, is the appauling connection whilst online. I ve played alot of matches online and i'd say about 65% of the time there is a connection loss or host migration. i also found this game MUCH laggier than MW2! Another major issue is that the game has crashed my ps3 quite a few times, which rarely happened with MW2!

    Overall a very FRUSTRATING game but with great lasting appeal that wil keep u hooked for a long time!

  3.  Arcadey


    I have to say i was really looking forward to this game after a long wait for the official rally game on ps3, but i am very disappointed. The game doesn't feel realistic or fun at all. The scenery graphics are not bad, but the graphics on the cars look like PS2 graphics. Also the engine noises on the cars sounds as if they ve been taken from a 90's sega arcade game or made using an old casio keyboard!! they re that bad! As for the driving, when you brake you dont have any control of the car, and the tracks seem very smooth for off road tracks. There s no feel or realism to it whatsoever. Blackbean developers you have failed miserably!! Thanks alot!!

  4.  Casino


    This is my favourite films of all time. It has everything. Great storyline. Top class acting, and awesome action. De niro's acting was epic in this film and he should have won an oscar. Based on true events this is a must see film over and over again!!!

  5.  The Dark Knight!!!


    Usually these kind of superhero games are rubbish. But this game is definately the best out so far. The characters in this game are awesome and if you're a fan of the films and comics you'll love the character bios such as the penguin, two face, scarface to name a few. Even if you're new to batman there's still loads to keep you entertained. The riddler challenges are awesome and keep your brain engaged!! You can also explore the whole arkham island so it's not just a linear level based game. Overall...awesome.

  6.  Based on Demo


    Based on the demo i found this game was pretty boring. And that was only from playing 2 levels!! It's just the same thing over and over - find a target, shoot it down, over and over. On the plus side tho it is very realistic and the graphics are awesome, but i think it's hard to create a good deal of variety in these kind of games.

  7.  Wolfenstein


    Great fps. Graphics are awesome. Great storyline. Controls easy to use. Similiar feel to COD 4 but with the use of powers which are really unique and great for wiping out different enemies fast!!

  8.  Average


    Average game really. nothing special. Not as good as COD4 online. Decent campaign, great graphics.

  9.  Gran torino


    A film like no other. So true to life. Pure talent from Eastwood's acting, directing and producing right from beginning to end. You will not be disappointed.

  10.  Deadly amazing!


    Graphics 10/10 - the lighting effets make it much more realistic and intense
    Controls 10/10 - easy to pick up but really effective. The use of the map is very innovative but easy to understand.
    Storyline 8/10 - nothing really new here but most horror games have similar plots.
    Setting 10/10 - being on a giant spaceship makes you feel like ur on the set of an Aliens movie. Also the interaction with the ship is original, with the doors and control interfaces.
    Weapons 10/10 - Loads to choose from and max up. all different in their own way.
    Scareability 10/10 - The combination of music, setting, and lighting gives this game an amazing atmosphere. I think it is much scarier than res5 will be, judging by the demo.