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  1.  Excellent Drive


    Hey folks, I purchased this DVD-RW drive a couple of months back from another site ( I would have purchased from play but there was not enough information on this product whether if it is OEM or retail version)?

    The drive I purchased came in a retail package with the screws, 1 sata cable and Nero 8 essentials CD. If this product here on play is the OEM version, then you will only get the drive without any cables, screws or software.

    Installation was a piece of cake, plugged it in and my PC picked it up straight away (I was using win XP sp3 at the time but now have upgraded to win 7 64bit OS and so far everything is sweet).

    I have so far burnt a lot of DVD+R discs and CD-r discs and I can confirm that this drive is pretty fast when burning large amounts of data. This drive is also very silent and I hardly hear any vibration sounds or the the discs/DVD s spinning violently.

    The drive is quite solid and doesn't feel cheap at all.

    For me I burn a lot of DVD, ISO files and video files such as photo slide shows etc... and the speed rate is good i.e. I recently burnt a photo slide show which was 146 minutes long and had nearly 4gb's of data in less than 9 minutes at maximum speeds.

    DVD to DVD burning is around or less than 4-5 minutes at max speeds. CD-r depending on file size i.e. 699mb would burn within 2-3 minutes.

    overall this drive is serving its purpose very well and I would definitely recommend this drive to anyone looking for a decent burner for a great price.




    I really don't know how to put this, I am seriously lost for words! I mean i played the first one and at that time i thought it was a superb action adventure game (it felt like I was Indiana Jones in the temple of doom) And then along comes uncharted 2 and to put it simple I have lost many hours In sleep, socializing with the missus after work, its just eat uncharted, drink uncharted and sleep uncharted. Its at a stage where its dream uncharted too lol... AMAZING....

    I actually own a PS3 and Xbox 360 (And no i am not a fan boy but simply a gamer who loves games before anyone starts pointing fingers), I have to admit I play most of my games on the 360 because of live and friends etc... but let me tell you, this game really shows what the PS3 is capable of doing performance and graphics wise.... well basically it blew my 360 out of the water hands down.


    Graphics are stunning and very impressive

    Sound is great including the voice acting of all the characters and the music theme is done superbly

    Controls are easy and the camera view is perfect

    The story line really draws you into the game It just blew me away right from the word go

    Game play is fantastic, some of you guys may agree I thought I was Sam fisher at times when sneaking behind enemy troops and snapping their necks without alerting the others and at other times I felt I was Solid Snake.... it felt great...

    Atmosphere is really life like with snow, mountains, rain and rivers etc...


    Honestly can't say a bad word about this game, it has thoroughly satisfied me all the way to the end, however I wish the ride could have lasted another 20 hours LoL... meh maybe in uncharted 3....

    All in all this game deserves the 5 ***** all the way BUY IT

  3.  **Superb Mouse**


    I got this mouse a few weeks back for my wife to use with her Dell Inspiron1545 laptop.

    This mouse works great, straight out of the box plug and play, no hassle (we used it on vista home basic 32 bit OS). You also get the drivers disc and booklet etc.....

    It has an excellent gloss black finish which really looks cool and goes well with the laptop theme.The pointer speed and accuracy is brilliant, the mouse itself looks stylish just like the apple mac mice out there.

    The grip is just about right and very comfortable to use, all the buttons including the scroll button (the scroll mouse button scrolls sideways too) work perfectly and dont feel cheap or clunky at all.

    overall If your looking for a neat sexy mouse with a sparkling finish to it then this is the mouse for you, I would most definitley recommend this to anyone out there.

    Oh yeh and the acid flash has the limey green colour that goes around the mouse (its a thin small band that goes around the middle of the mouse as shown in the pic). You can get other colours too if you search on play.

    10/10 A*****

  4.  **SUPERB**


    I bought this mouse from another site In january this year and thought i'd give it a review here on play.com.

    First Impressions this mouse is quality, It does'nt feel cheap in any way, the design is perfect and accurately crafted. Very comfortable indeed, I have major gaming sessions lasting anywhere up to 4 hours long and I can confirm that I have not experienced any aches or pain in my hand.

    This mouse will give you PIXEL FOR PIXEL all day long without slowing down or jumping (Headshots all day long). The added weight feature is excellent and does help while gaming. The software is easy to use and set up, so you can change your dpi settings up to 2000dpi (which in my opinion is good enough as I only use up to 950dpi or 1000dpi) you have a choice of 3 dpi settings which you can change on the mouse by clicking the dedicated buttons.

    Overall If you enjoy resting your whole hand on a mouse instead of just holding it like a claw grip style (with your fingers and not the palm) then this is the mouse for you. To be Honest I was inclined towards one of the razer mouse as they had some good looking ones but not all that glitters is gold! The feel to the razer mouse was uncomfortable, its more for the claw gripping users out there.

    G5 Laser mouse is by far the best gaming mouse on the market, And its still going strong even today. I would Recommend this to anyone looking for a quality gaming mouse.


  5.  Great Game But Beware!


    I played the first crysis and loved it so much that I felt the need to get this one too. Overall It is very similiar to the first crysis, but in this one your fighting through the eyes of good old sykes.


    1. Great visuals and sound effects
    2. Gameplay is exactly the same as Crysis
    3. some new weapons and vehicles
    4. Fits in nicely with the first story
    5. you don't need the original crysis to play this
    6. The price is just about right


    1. Firstly In order to play this game you will definately need an Internet connection because you have to activate the game via the internet something to do with the secure rom (though once activated online you dont need to be online to play It)

    2. You can only Install It a maximum of 5 times I believe before you are locked out of the game for ever! This can be done on any 5 computers

    3.. The game is very very short in my opinion and I wish It could've been slightly longer

    Overall the gameplay and action is as good as it gets. A must buy for all Crysis fans out there, I would Highly recommend this game to anyone who loves the fps. If it wasn't for the secure digital rom activation and a short story I would have most definately given this game 5 stars.



    Killzone 2 is easily one of the best looking shooters on the PS3 or any console to date. The graphics are sweet, sexy, amazing, scenery is fascinating to watch, game play is great and sound quality is brilliant.

    The first killzone was one of my favorite FPS on the ps2 and this one lives up to all the expectations and much more. This Game can really show you what the PS3 is all about in terms of power and performance.

    During game play there is no long loading times or lagging while your in fire fights etc... I haven't experienced any choppiness either, the game runs like a dream.

    If you loved COD4/5 then your going to love this even more. I would highly recommend this game to all PS3 owners out there, you will not be disappointed.

    5***** for me

  7.  Good Game, Minor flaws


    I ordered this last week sunday, dispatched first thing monday and received tuesday morning, so super fast delivery.


    1. The game itself feels okay, there are some scary moments that make you jump outta your seat or give you a cold shiver up your spine (especially when alma whispers to you or jumps out infront of you in dark corridors).

    2. I am currently 3 hours into the game and so far so good, i havent experienced any technical issues with sound, graphics etc...

    3. The story line is good and the ai are doing a good enough job to keep me on my toes at all times. I also would advice that if you get a chance then play the first fear to understand the story better, also picking up a copy of extraction point would be helpful.


    1. Internet connection required 100% even for single player

    2. Steam account required for activation online or you will have to register and create an account before you can install the game.

    3. The game key bindings for the mouse are no good as the game does not recognise mouse button 4 or 5 which in my opinion sucks!

    However once the game is installed and fully activated via steam, you can still run the game on steam without having to be online. Simply access steam in offline mode and launch the game and it works perfect without needing a disc.

    Overall on a scale of 1-10 i'd say 7.5

  8.  Excellent


    I have recently purchased one of these keyboards about a month ago from somewhere else around the same price mark. I am reviewing this for other customers.

    I had been looking for a good gaming keyboard for a few weeks that offers quality, performance and most importantly it has to be comfortable.

    After using this keyboard for a month now, I can happily confrm that this keyboard offers all of the above. I have major long gaming sessions that last between 4-6 hours and I can confirm that so far I havent suffered from any aches or pains (apart from the missus kicking me out of bed and beating me with her pillow/handbag) ;-)

    The keyboard lights up well in the dark and I can see all the keys perfect. The wrist support and keyboard layout is superb. The software was simple and easy to install/use.

    overall a solid keyboard, fast response time and very comfortable.

    I would recommend this to anyone 10/10 for me....

  9.  Amazing!


    I have been looking to get a decent graphics card that would help me get the most out of my games such as cod4, crysis, stalker, company of heroes and GRAW etc....

    I have been previously running a Ati Radeon 256mb/128bit, which served me pretty well for the earlier games, but for games like crysis and cod4 and half-life 2 episode 1-2 it was slowing down on me and was quite choppy at times.

    I decided to go for this card as it appealed to me the most and was within my budget. All I can say is that I'm glad I did. The graphics on half-life 2, company of heroes, stalker and GRAW are crisp and clear without any lagging or choppiness.

    The one game that most people want to hear about is if It can handle crysis..... well..... I can confirm this to all the people out there looking to play crysis, that I have Crysis currently maxed out on all High settings including AA x4 and a full screen resolution of 1980x1080p Full HD with my full HD dell 23" monitor. The graphics are amazing, sweet, sexy, life like and the game itself plays smoothly like a dream, NO lagging or slowdowns in cut scenes or firefights. If that's what you wanted to hear then I suggest you click BUY NOW.

    On the other hand I did experience 3 minor problems.

    1. The card required a lot of room and a decent case with plenty of airflow. I have a large case but airflow wasn't too good so my card used to get really hot while gaming. I solved this by opting for a new case from coolermaster, with 80mm fan in the front as intake, 120mm fan in the rear for exhaust outtake and another 2 80mm fans on the side. This keeps my case extra cool.

    2. The card takes up two pci slots and the way my motherboard is designed, the card covers 3 of my sata connectors! so I only can use one at the moment, so keep this in mind If you use many sata connections. Also the hard disk placement in the case could come in the way of the card as it is quite long.

    3. I updated the drivers from the BFG site for the graphics card and what a mistake I made!!! Basically the new drivers triggered something which made my card overheat so much that 15 mins into any game the card would hang and I would get squares with funny colors on my screen and I would have to reboot the PC. But I decided to UN-Install the new drivers and stick with the normal drivers that came with the graphics card. I have had no problems ever since.

    Overall just what I needed and an excellent card for the price. I would Highly Recommend to anyone who is looking for a good graphics card within this price range 10/10.

    p.s. you get 24/7 BFG tech support and a 10 years warranty for this product in the U.K. And lifetime warranty in the US.

  10.  FANTASTIC A+++++


    I ordered these on sunday night, by monday morning these were dispatched and recieved tuesday morning...wow... Great service so thumbs up to that.

    Speakers work fine, they are stylish, elegant and go really well with my pc and shiny black glass desk. Excellent sound quality, crisp and clear. Played 2pac on medium volume and it kicked a**.

    If your looking to play games with these set of speakers then click buy now! These will have you knocked off your seats while playing cod4, fear, stalker and company of heroes. Brilliant just brilliant.

    Thank you play for a wonderful product at a affordable price, bang for the buck....