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  1.  This is not an action movie! It's better than that!


    I saw watched this film the other night, and i loved it! If you are expecting fast cars, guns and explosions then don't watch it, but this is an intelligent film! As contrast to expectations Denzel plays the brains behind the one of the most successful drug trafficking campaigns to hit the US, while good cop Crowe is always just a step behind. The film tackles moral issues with race and family playing big parts, and the corruption of the NY police department makes the film what it is. American Gangster lasts three hours, but if you can find the time then it is well worth a watch. Especially if you're a Ridley Scott fan - this is a triumph!

  2.  Great Debut! Great Band!


    Saw a very early article on this band before the album came out, suggesting that this would be one of the top bands of 2008. Having got the cd, i have to agree! Its the kind of music that you either love or hate and in answer to previous reviews, i think their album is much more hard-hitting than the pigeon detectives.

    Top 3 i reckon are: it's about time, he's there and just for tonight.

    Definately worth the £7! hours of listening :)

  3.  A whole host of very good songs!


    This is a very good collection of songs on one cd. It makes for very easy listening and is perfect for background music at a chilled party or something to get into when listening by yourself. Iris is a classic - stay with you is very catchy, but big machine is my fave!

    If you're a fan of the goo goo dolls or not, this album should make you happy! ^^

  4.  Where did all the excitement and energy go?!?! Please Read!


    I thought the debut album from the feeling was okay - went to see them live at leeds uni and was bawled over by their energetic performance (bought the Tshirt and everything!!)

    Since then 12 stops and home has rocketed to the top of my playlists. However i feel extremely let down by this recent release. The band has opted for a whole new take on music and the energy and excitement from the first album is just non-existent!

    Music critics would say that the melodies and lyrics are much more mature and that the songs work on whole new levels, but i'm going to see them again on saturday and i just have no idea how they are gonna make it bearable! There is no way that you can jump to these songs, or scream out the words. They are slow and emotional and it doesnt make for easy listening!!!

    Make sure you try out the songs somewhere (YOU-know-what-TUBE?!) before you buy this album. I hope this helps!

  5.  This Book Has Surprised Me :)


    I picked up this book a couple of days ago and it has proven to be a very interesting and insightful read. It tells the querky tale of one man and his donkeys, and the life that they led together. This is a well written biography, portraying the successes and hardships encountered in the art of rearing donkeys. The fluid writing style adds to the reality of the book, and humour is injected into the writing wherever possible. The unique collection of photographs makes it very easy to relate to the life and times of 'Donkey Dave'.

    While this book would appeal to animal lovers, and included is more than a fair share of local history, it is written in such a way that an interest in either of these things is not necessary and 'loving a good read' would suffice! Allott has found himself a story worth telling, and it is definately one worth hearing!