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  1.  Brilliant phone


    It seems to me there are too many bad reviews about this phone. The Play is top notch in my opinion.
    The layout is quite similar to the iphone in how the operating system works. It takes a little while to figure out exactly how everything works, but once you do, you'll find it very user friendly.
    As for slow down or crashes, I've not experienced any of it. I've played games for 3 hours straight on my phone, to find no glitches or problems at all. The games are slowly expanding and it's now at a point where you have a pretty wide choice to choose from. You can use any old game app from the android market, but most aren't compatible with the game pad. Sony is now expanding it to the point that there are nearly 200 games adapted to work on the game pad, including titles such as Rainbow Six, Fifa and PES.
    So, onto the next gripe. Battery life. Can anyone tell me what phone is able to hold out for longer than the Play when you're playing on it constantly? My two bosses have iPhone's and I can tell you that's not one of them.
    If you're looking for a phone with battery life to last a week, then you're not looking for a smart phone. Smart phone's have processes upon processes happening in the background and foreground which eats battery life. Go and get yourself an app to monitor them and stop moaning!
    Overall, with the games coming out, the similarity to the Playstation and the attention to detail, this phone gets 5 stars from me.

  2.  Excellent game


    Well I am a true fan of the first game, so I had high expectations of the second. To be honest it doesn't dissapoint at all. You are and your partner need to battle your way out of Shang Hai as it's being attacked. There are new features, such as decisions that you need to make, which will effect your later in the game. Hostages being held up and you need to save them - loads of cash in it if you manage it!
    The one down side in this game - and to me a big deal, as I only play with mates - is the camera problems. You get used to is I guess, but what a mistake to make! Also I have no idea why they have put split screen in left to right. Upper and lower split screen has always been the way to go! At least put an option in to change it!

  3.  Fantastic


    Well what can a person say about this game? 770 reviews and still 5 stars! I just wish that there was more movement on getting new maps as the same old maps can grow tedious. Other than that there's nothing I can say wrong about this game.