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  1.  Dissapointed


    What cab I say, me and a number if friends very excited about his as every year, for the first time let down...
    Firstly the servers are shocking and keep getting disconnected constantly, causing a loss to our player hubs,
    And then there are all the bugs online, even a simple pass turns into a shot sometimes and I have even been given the real madrid squad having chose Liverpool,
    By far the worst FIFA yet on all accounts !!!

  2.  not waw but wow


    Firstly this is coming from a big cod4 fan who still cant stop playing it.
    Lets start with the campain, not much to say really, huge improvment from 4. People who complain about the length of it are the people who play a days worth of play online and are still level 15. Also they play it on the easiest level so dont listen to them.

    Online, well im not too sure about it myself, i cant get use to the slow guns and the boring and dull maps. I think it is a much slower game than 4. Still i gave it a go and i do enjoy it occasionally. Prestiged and level 44 atm but getting a bit bored and finding myself going back to 4 again.

    All in all it is a very good game but if you are a hardcore 4 fan then it might not be the game for you.

  3.  What A Game



    What A Game For A Start

    I Bought This Game Yesterday And Havent Stopped Playing It Since.

    With A Game Like This It Is Important To Play Other Games In Between So You Dont Get Bored

    But In My Opinion Well Worth The Money

    The Graphics Are Amazing Just Like The Gameplay!

    Must Buy

  4.  What a Game


    Right well firstly this is coming from a EX halo 3 fan

    This game has a great single player experience that i cant get enough of although there can be a few frustrating moments.

    But now on to xbox lvie multiplayer!

    This game has completely put me off halo 3. i was on halo 3 non-stop till i bought this on the release date. this has to be the best game ever.

    i havent been on halo 3 since i bought this game. it is just soo fun to play on xbox live.