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  1.  Anger is impossible


    The first CD i rate better than the second but both are fabulous. I used to play these in the workshop when things got hectic and after only a few minutes nobody could bother to be angry any more. One of the best chill out CD's ever created in my opinion. Many top artists and the CD's are packed with Top tunes. There are maybe one or two humdrum tunes on the second CD but for a compilation of 35-40 tunes this is excellent in my opintion. Value for money is incredible and if your wanting to woo that special someone then let this be your mood setter. I challenge anyone to listen to this album and not be so chilled, happy and relaxed that it would take sheer will power not to fall through the sofa. One word to describe this compilation. "Meditative".

  2.  Second only to the Experience...


    In the world of Techno/Electronica this is probably my second favorite album. It will appeal to a wider range of listener as it is not quite so techno based as the Prodigy experience. I can't think of any song on it i dont rate as 5 stars but Prodigy worship is hard to break. If you love to rave you need this in your collection.

  3.  Thier finest works so far


    To my mind it is their best works. This is a journey which builds you up, leaves you up there and finishes you off in style. It is their techno focused album and is second to none before or since. The only other albums which come close to this is Music for the jilted generation, also by the Prodigy, which is almost a cross over to rock with additions of songs like diesel power. Personnally i have whitnessed 300+ bikers who would never listen to anything other than Hard core rock dancing to it when slipped in to the mix. Best party i have ever been to.

  4.  Electronica eat your heart out...


    If my reckoning this is some of their finest works. It is addictive, moods setting and fantastic to work out to. Some of the songs you will recognise from the charts and the rest dont let you down. One of my favorite CD's ever. Like the prodigy Excerience it takes you on a journey buiding you up to a peak and then leaving you satisfied. I cant think of anything negative to say about this album. A must for anyone loving Electronica and a definate for most peoples music collections.

  5.  A collection of their popular hits


    I would say for a CD of bests it does fairly well. There are some instantly likable/lovable songs, some that grow on you and some cd fillers, but thiese are few. If your into this style of music i would say get this album as it covers all that is good about Blink 182

  6.  Another addition to the CS evolution


    I have played CS since version 3.X and have whitnessed the game evolve into what it is now. Source is much better graphics then previous versions and has a crisp feel to actions and reactions of the ongame sprites. Competition is fierce and dont be surprised if the first few weeks of playing you find yourslef dead for a majority of the time. It is not as fast paced as Quake or Unreal tournament and there is a need for team stratergies and communication to become a strong player. This version allows for a team community so you can add friends and see where and when they have been playing. All in all 11 years of playing this game still have not made me tire of it. Price compared to game play time is exceptional. Great value. Just be sure to have a good clean fast connection.

  7.  Sony 2Gb MP3 player


    Having recently obtained this device i have to say it has been very easy to set up. It requestsd that you have Windows Media player Version 11+ installed on your PC and thats it. I ripped about 30+ albums from my CD colection onto my pc and synchronised my device with WMP and away it went. It took me 1 evening and an hour in the morning to fill the device with 439 songs including setting up play lists. Using the device is very simple allowing many ways to select different set of music to play from Album's, Artists, Year of production, Ratings, Play lists, There are quite a few settings allowing you to equalise the sound so you can personalise the way you hear the music to suit your style. The Home menu is similar to that of a mobile phone and proves easy to navigate. The product arrived with a short stereo head phones with 3 different sizes of plug to fit your ears. This short lead is ideal length for top pocket's on shirts but there is also an extension included in the package for pockets lower down on the torso. I would reccommend this product to anyone. The only down fall is there are at least 10-15 more albums i would have liked to ad to it so maybe goingin for the 8 or 16 GB version could be a solution for little etra money.

  8.  It's about the read. Absorbing. Easy to read. A wonderment.


    After being given this book by a spanish friend of mine i delved into its depth rather quickly compared to others i have read. The story is simple and well written but delivers a powerful message which makes you think. If you only ever read one book in your life; make it this.

  9.  The general opinion of MANY golfers...


    I have to say that i know little about this book but i have read reviews in Today's Golfer Magazine and they have agreed that it is one of the best books for golfing. They go as far as saying it is the Golf bible. That is reccomendation to buy it.