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  1.  Brilliant Case


    Had it for a while now, the outer case has two layers one soft and another hard. It also comes with a screen protector, which I must say is the best screen protector I have ever had on anything and when applied didnt leave me with ANY air bubbles. I would recommend just for that.

  2.  WARNING!!!


    I brought this film absoutly love it! HOWEVER THIS IS THE CUT VERSION!!!! I must stress this as a lot has been cut out thanks to the BBFC! Check online for the full list of cuts there are a lot.

  3.  Maybe its all just bad luck


    Ok first of all when I'm not having major problems as I will list in a bit the router is actually not that bad fast connection speeds and all.


    The first problem I had is that the Internet would disconnect out of the blue at various times no matter how many devices are connected. I thought it could just be my Internet cutting out however I plugged in my old router and it worked fine. Also all the lights on the router indicated that it was receiving the Internet connection and nothing was wrong. I would have to unplug replug the router to get it to work again. Belkin support is terrible when I tried to email them. When I found the problem listed on other sites Belkin says it isn't the modem but its your ISP (Internet service provider), well that's not right since my old router worked fine.

    Any who second problem was with Xbox live NAT restrictions, I found the best way around this was to just access your router on and allow a DMZ on your Xboxs ip address found on the console (network settings).

    If it weren't for the mainly first problem I would of given it a 4 or 5 star rating.

    Hope this helps anyone.

  4.  Pretty Good


    Best Jacket i have but im not too used to a jacket tight fitting. I was gonna get one for my brother but if your gut is bigger than your chest I wouldnt recommend it.

    Its really good for the taller guys, feels a bit uncomfortable at first but now its not too bad and i like it. Quite thick and long, could use in winter but your face, hands and neck are not covered that well.

  5.  Brilliant but short


    I really did fly through this game, I got really really into it and then it just finshed. I was slightly dissapointed and there isnt much replay value for me anyway. I completley agree with mark below me.

  6.  Its ok


    Well if you have ever heard a rape alarm its pretty much the same sort of thing as in you pull the pin out and it makes an alarm. However this is not as loud, but it does have a delay which might come in handy. Its just a little bit louder than a phone alarm.

    The Black part of the grenade is made out of rubber which you remove to out the batteries (3 X AAA).

    In my view its not worth £9 but a plus of it is you get a free badge, which i almost threw away with the packaging.

  7.  Best gig i have been too


    It really was so im buying it as soon as i went on the 16th and although the DVD is of the 17th they are wearing the exact same clothes...hmm

    Oh i started that wave to the guy in the window and also part of the central line family

    This gig really made memories for me and this dvd will bring them back

    there isnt much diffrence between the special and normal dvd apart from some back stage footage and some postcards both are pretty good though :)

  8. Angles


    Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - CD

    1 New from  £7.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.77

     Just :O


    I got it today and it is really really good one of the few albums i can listen all the way through without stopping. Happy to say all their singles are on here too.

  9.  Really good


    After listening to the whole album the second time i now belive it is better than the first but now i really cant get the lyrics "I'm only going to heaven if it feels like hell, I'm only going to heaven if it tastes like caramel" out of my head its a really good album and i would recommend if you like any of hot chip's songs

  10. Turok


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £32.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     Its ok


    Judging by the demo

    Its an ok game but its not brilliant, the graphics could be better but is still pretty good about a 7/10

    The gameplay isnt very good really with a choice to duel weild all the wepons you pick up and in the demo there was about 4 diffrent guns and one of the main points is to listen around while in game for dinosaurs and ememys but the sound wasnt very good to do that with.

    The only things im looking forward to is the dinosaur infested mulit player maps should be interesting, oh and the bes part of the game are the knife kills when you get close enough to an enemy with a knife you can do a special move.