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  1. Risen


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £11.72  Free delivery

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    There are many reasons why I like this game. Firstly: the dynamic yet linear story. I am still on my first playthrough but there is endless scope for other paths you can take, making the story different every time you play. The game claims that every decision you make has an impact on the world; and for once this is not so far from the truth. Secondly, the graphics are stunning. The island of Faranga really comes to life with the HD graphics of the 360 and I find it difficult to believe that any future games in this genre will be able to top it, although I must admit that when looking down on the world from a high point you can't see as much as you'd want to.
    The gameplay is similar to that of Oblivion or Fable, involving you wandering around a large, open-world freely undertaking quests in order to make gold and receive respect from either the Bandits, Inquisition or Mages of Volcano Keep. The game is mostly a joy to play, with my key greivance being the number of creatures that can attack you at once (fending off eight grave moths at once can be a bit of a chore).
    All in all I would recommend this game to any fantasy fan. It has an engaging, dynamic story; excellent graphics; is fun to play and has plenty of replay value and is therefore, in my opinion, worth the hard saved pennies.

  2.  I'll be back


    I wasn't going to write a review for this game but then I saw everyone has given it 1 or 2 stars and I think that's an insult to the game. Granted: it's short. You'll complete it in under five hours...but those five hours are great fun. The cover system is great, the soundtrack is cool, the story is brilliant and the graphics are very nice.

    But this game comes into its own with regards to the enemies. These are intelligent, terrifying machines who vary from the small but speedy aerostats to the massive airbourne hunter-killers, and from the shielded spiderbots that can only be killed from behind to the simply intimidating T600's (the prerequisite to the T800 model played by Arnie in the films). They are relentless and even damaging one so badly that it can't walk anymore won't slow them down - they keep coming.

    All in all I think this is a brilliant game and well worth playing, and if you get bored with it you can simply trade it in. Definitely worth 4 stars.

  3.  Excellent


    I have to admit I was a bit edgy about buying an RTS for the Xbox 360 but being a big fan of the Halo games I went out and got it anyway and I've never looked back. The graphics are just stunning, especially in the cut scenes, and the gameplay is very good fun. The campaign wont take you too long to complete - it took me a weekend and that was playing liberally - but when you finish it you'll want to do it again, and the skirmish mode is always fun. This game continues the classic Halo setup of cutting edge graphics, gripping storyline, compelling characters and edge-of-your-seat action, only this time without the first-person shoot-em-up stance. A great new direction for the Halo franchise and well worth the money you'll pay.

  4.  Heroes take the stairs


    I've been a fan of Hot Leg since they released 'Heroes' over their internet site and, seeing as Justin Hawkins is a personal hero of mine, couldn't wait to see them live in Edinburgh last October. They performed all of the tracks that are listed on this CD and I can tell you that all of them are brilliant. The combination of Sammy Stokes' awesome bass, Darby Todd's mental drumming, Pete Rinaldi's insatiable guitar skills and Hawkins' face melting guitar solos and high-pitched singing makes for one spectacular album which is more a thrill ride into the man rock genre than a regular CD. Personal favourites are "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore" and "Cocktails". You will not be disappointed.

    Great music, great.

  5.  One game to rule them all


    Being a big fan of The Lord of the Rings I was looking forward to this game and, after playing Star Wars Battlefront on the PS2 a few years back I expected a lot from it.

    Happilly The Lord of the Rings Conquest lived up to my expectations. Players are catapulted into heated and manic battles where not only orcs but ents, trolls, nazgul, fellbeasts and heroes from the trilogy await to be defeated or commanded. The combat is simple and, once you have the hang of it, very fun. The graphics are terrific and the maps show an obvious attention to detail on the developer's part. The awesome soundtrack from the films is the icing on the cake.

    The gameplay is very good and very fun. Players have a choice of playing as one of four different factions each with different tactics and weapons. If you're good enough you also get offered the chance to play as a hero, which acts as a hyper-unit. Playable heroes range from Frodo Baggins all the way up to Sauron himself.

    The only criticism I would have is that the campaign modes are fairly short - they can be completed with two hours of easy gaming, but there are different difficulty settings and the instant action mode never gets old. All in all a brilliant game, one of the jewels of my collection.